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  1. jeaster

    Can some one please tell me if you can change the padding in the drivers seat of a MK 3 2L TDCI. My drivers seat is like sitting on something very hard.
  2. Thisty focus

    Thanks for that information I understand what it is now Just filled my car up and it's down by 15mpg. It may be just the cold weather I am going to keep an eye on over the next 2 weeks.
  3. Thisty focus

    I got my car serviced about 5 week ago at my local ford garage. So I think they should have use all Ford parts. Thanks for all the advice. Where are the cones panel filters.
  4. Thisty focus

    I am losing about 9 to 10 mpg. Yer I know all about the different in winter and summer. I know there must be something wrong making the flat spot. But I have not got a clue as to what.
  5. Thisty focus

    I am looking for some advise on my 2016 2L tdci. I use to get round about 50 to 52 miles to a gallon but for some resion it has started to drop off. Had the car serviced a month ago. I have had the EMU tested and no faults showed up. The only think that is wrong with the car that I know is sometimes when you pull away in first gear the car shurges gose flat then pulls away. It dose not do it all the time. I have never heard of a diesel doing this but petrol engine yes. I will very grateful for some help on this matter as it starting to drive me mad. Gerard
  6. workshop manusl

    Can some one tell me where I can get a workshop manual for a 2013 TDCI 2L Focus.
  7. will 215/55R 16 wheels off a 2013 focus fit on a 2006 focus

  8. Acr

    Can you fit 215/55r 16 wheels off a 2013 Focus on a 2006 Focus.
  9. Acr

    Yep. A very happy Focus. Give up smoking for good. He he
  10. Acr

    Hi Andy / James. Just to let you know I have fitted the blanking plate as you said, I have found I now have a diffrant car no or very little smoke now and power is just about back to what it sould be, :) Thanks again you all your help, Gerard
  11. Acr

    Thanks for that James I will have a look. Regards Gerard
  12. Acr

    Thanks Andy. Had a look on ebay and it said that one is for a 1.6 my one is 1.8 is it the same one. Sorry for been a pain but just wont to make shouer before I get one. The car will not fall the mot with it fitted will it.
  13. Acr

    Yes Andy I do mean the EGR valve. Where can I get the blanking plate from and will I have a prob with the MOT with it fitteted? Where can I get the additive you are saying about. Thanks for all the help Andy. I will try all you say about when I can get one. Gerard
  14. Acr

    I had the hose's replased last year. When I had the AGR replased the car was going grate power was very good next to no smoke and good return to fuel. 50 +. But it as all gone bad again. Have been tolled there is a prob with the AGR valves on Ford TDCIs.
  15. Acr

    I have had the AGR valve changed on my 1.8 FocusTDCI about 3 month ago. The car was down on power and putting lots of black smoke out the back. This stopped the fault but now its back again lots of black smoke and down on power. I hope its not the AGR valve again.What I would like to know is this a common fault with the TDCI Focus. If so what can I do about it as I do not wount to spend £ 400 + again. Thanks Jester