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  1. Hi - I have a 2.0 diesel automatic Titanium X Mondeo that's just gone over 5 years old. At about 4.5 years old I started to get intermittent yellow "Low Battery" info messages (*not* "Low key fob battery" messages) on the display when I unlocked the car, opened the door and the display powered up. Never had any problem starting. I put a smart charger on the battery and that said it was fully charged. I had the battery replaced back in October 2018 and the problem went away. But in the last few weeks I've had two re-occurrences of it; again the engine starts quite normally. During a recent period of very cold weather it didn't happen; temperature was above 10C when it did. I do mostly short trips, and not many of those lately. After the first re-occurrence a week or so ago I did 50 miles of motorway run, so I would have thought the battery would be fully charged? Is my driving pattern causing this? The handbook would suggest this is a service issue. What might I do about this, if anything? Thanks Alan
  2. Hi all - I've just bought a 2013 Mondeo Titanium X with the 7 inch touchscreen satnav unit. The factory got a little confused with the inventory and didn't ship the SatNav User's Guide. The dealer sorted that out, but the book (which also covers other satnav models) implies that the unit needs a security code entered if it ever loses power. The dealer's not aware of that, and we don't have a code. The only number they can give me from the car's record is the *key* code which came on the tag with the door keys, and I think it's unlikely to be the one needed. So can anyone confirm that I *should* have a separate security code for the satnav unit? Are there any magic words I can use to the dealer to help them find it? Thanks Alan