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  1. Hi, After some advice re my sons Focus. Poor lad has had a terrible run of luck over the last year and now to top it all he has car problems! He has an 02 focus. It was running rough so we replaced the ignition/coil pack and one of the connections was definitely dodgy, was corroded and burnt. I told him to replace the ht leads too but before he did the engine warning light came on and it start running like a bag of spanners! So leads were replaced today, car started and runs ok but engine warning light is still on. My question is does this just need clearing by someone with a code reader? Or does it indicate a further problem? Thanks for any advice in advance! Cheers A
  2. Headgasket Nightmare!!

    just spoke to a mobile mechanic, seemed very helpful, says it will probably take a couple of days but would skim the head, replace cambelt (and water pump while it's off, said it's behind the belt so may as well do it) and should be 500-600! Much more reasonable and I guess partly down to less overheads.
  3. Headgasket Nightmare!!

    will have a look at that mobile service, thanks Matt. Wase16ll , it is a 53 plate petrol 1.4
  4. Headgasket Nightmare!!

    ok, thanks Mordey. A quick google of value of money over time shows £600 would be around £830 now. So £1000 still seems a little steep but then again, don't know where you are in the country or what you labour rates would be.
  5. Headgasket Nightmare!!

    Hi, my son bought a Ford Fiesta 53 plate at the end of October. Unfortunately it appears to have blown it's headgasket. Not so bad we thought, warranty covers that. First garage confirmed it was head gasket but didn't want the job due to warranty being involved. Second garage have quoted £1000 for repairs. This seems rather steep to me, anyone had a gasket changed recently? Even if we persuade the warranty company to pay (which I don't think is likely given all the stories I've heard about then!) they have a limit of £500 per claim so still leaves a big bill for him :-( cheers A