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  1. 1.4 TDCi

    Hi peeps, Who has the highest mileage fietsa on here or should I ask what mileage have you got on them? Just looking at what sort of mileage I could expect out of the 1.4TDCi (depending on servicing etc). I've seen 1 on autotrader with 202k miles on the clock which is impressive for a small engine. Also out of anyone that has high mileage has any of you had it re-mapped? Thanks Mike p.s. (did try searching but didn't really find anything so if this has been posted before then I'm sorry)
  2. Hi all, Aren't cars funny things! Through the cold snap and the snow my old man's car ever played up but the last month its had trouble starting. It would start run for about 5 seconds and then cut out. It would take 3-4 of these starts before it would fire into normal use. This weekend how ever it stopped altogether. It will turnover but will not fire up. There is a slight puff of smoke as it its about to but that is just it. I know it could be a number of reasons but anyone with a bit of Ford diesel engines might shed some light on it. Thanks Mike
  3. IPOD help in 53 plate fiesta LX

    aye it does indeed had a feeling that was the answer. It is the 3 parts radio. I did suggest it would be easier to fit an aftermarket radio but I think she is keen to keep it as it is. Thanks for the quick reply Mike
  4. Hi, Just looking for some advice regarding fittin an IPOD to the above car. My gf's sister has a '53' fiesta in LX trim what is the best way to fit an IPOD, can it be fitted directly into the back of the radio or is that not possible? I've done a bit of searching and so far not found anything that says yes or no. Thanks Mike
  5. Hello

    Hello all, I've not got a ford but currently look to replace my work car with something that is cheap to run and tax. Something the fiesta 1.4TDCi may fit the bill. So hello all and look forward to researching and most likely asking questions! Thanks Mike