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  1. Eac Fail.

    So far so good, its not come back on since but only had it cleaned last thursday.
  2. Eac Fail - 6 Week Problem......and Counting

    Have you not tried cleaning the throttle body?
  3. Eac Fail.

    Mine is doing the same, not as bad as what you describe but apparently its the throttle body that needs changing which from ford can be £300+, It might be best to get a diagnostic test on it to see what codes come up I had one done on mine and it came back with 2 codes P2135 and P2119 I've just had the original throttle body cleaned so going to see how it gets on
  4. Fiesta Mk6 Speedometer

    When i was driving last night i noticed that my speedometer was just staying at 0 and i only had dashes where the milage normally is. Anyone got any idea what could be causing this problem and how to fix it? Thanks
  5. Fiesta Mk6 Clutch Problem..

    Go to your ford dealer and ask for these cir clips they're only 60p each, put a couple of them on your car to stop it from happening again Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC