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  1. Hit The Kerb At 30Mph

    Thankyou guys, are steering parts pricey for the streetka?
  2. Hit The Kerb At 30Mph

    Ok im going down to her work in a couple of hours to look, anything that should be obvious that i should look for?
  3. Hey guys, my partner was on the way to work this morning when a man hole cover or something was sticking out of the ground, anyway she felt the need to avoid it, and ended up hitting and going up the kerb at roughly 30mph, now her car is knocking quite loud, and pulling left, its an 03 streetka, whats this likely to be? Just tracking or bent steering parts?
  4. Hey, my partner has a 03 plate street ka, with a regular material roof, lately in the heavy rain she has been noticing that water has been collecting in the passenger footwell. Is this a common thing? I know on my sisters clio it was a sunroof fault, and blocked drainage, im not sure if the A posts have drainage like regular cars because this is a convertible though? Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks, Tom
  5. Hey guys, I am going tomorrow to look at a Ford Street KA in grey, with 85000 miles, 05 plate tomorrow. Luxury edition, heated leather seats, remote central locking etc. Now with that many miles, what should i be looking for when i view it? Does this engine also run on chain like the 1.3 Duratec? or is this belt driven? Any noises to look out for? common faults? i know of the door handles, ive heard the suspension can be a problem on these? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!