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  1. Ordered a A119 V3 from Amazon other day for £80, and a cheap hardwire kit for £12. Hopefully get it by Friday and get it installed Saturday. Wasn't sure about the fixed mounting plates of the A119 when I've only used to suction mounts, Especially with the Focus' long plastic cover behind mirror taking up a lot of space. I intend to fix a mounting plate onto the plastic cover, it will keep the camera central and more discreet. But it looks like it will shake because the cover isn't that firm, so I will have to stick the cover down somehow.
  2. My start/stop hasn't worked once for at least 2 weeks, the colder weather and short trips is obviously why, Not that I'm bothered as my 10/15min trips are barely enough to get the heater going, I'd turn start/stop off anyway lol.
  3. I shop at a big Tesco and I've only seen a few people use the scanners, but I'm not interested, I've never used the self service checkouts either, I don't care if I've got £10 or £100 worth of stuff, They have to pay staff to watch you, making you feel like a criminal, I'd rather just have their staff scan it and I'll pack it.
  4. I actually do carry a 'tool kit' in my car, along with a breaker bar with 18+19mm sockets. I got the tool kit when I bought my last car 6.5 years ago, I've only used it for non-car related things lol, It fits away nicely in the boots side compartment in my estate so I don't even see it.
  5. I assumed my V5C would have previous owner details, it did when I bought my previous car 6.5 years ago. I was going to write to them about the missing Service Book, but all it said was the number of previous owners.
  6. This issue has bothered me since I got my car 3 months ago. I pondered over the AutoTrader listing for ages, went for test drive and went for it a week later, I knew it had 1 previous owner (4 years) but I never asked about FSH or noticed it on the website (my fault), When I collected the car I was told they would try to get a Service Book from Ford, that was the first I knew there wasn't a Service Book (or any paperwork) When I got my V5C I could check online to see where the last Service was done, So I tried twice by email to see if they (Hendy Ford) could reprint it's history, obviously no chance of getting Stamps anymore. I didn't hear anything back, so I got them via an Online Chat one night and asked again, Gave all my details (3rd time now) but she made no promises, and I never heard anything again. Looking like a dead end I remembered the owners name on the Sync 2 phone screen and I managed to find him on Facebook, He was the nicest guy (a family man), he told me he traded in the ST to Audi Sheffield with everything, They weren't interested in the paperwork if the book was Stamped, it was fully Ford Serviced and Stamped from new at the same garage, So somewhere between Audi Sheffield and Peugeot Bradford they lost the Service Book, I contacted my guy in Bradford with this info (and the dealers name), he said he'd have a ring around and see what he can do, never heard anything. So basically I have a very sound car that's been well looked after, with the best previous owner I could wish for, but no history or stamps of any kind, I've no intention of selling anytime soon, but when trading my 2009 Focus, FSH was very important to them and wanted everything, I can imagine if I traded it in now I'd probably lose £2k of value, that's really annoying me right now. I've read that Ford log all work online if serviced at official Ford garages, normally I go to the garage at the end of my street, but I'll probably go to my nearest Ford garage for it's next service and find out if they can pull up previous work and print it.
  7. Sorry I missed the idle part, obviously wouldn't affect a static car lol.
  8. Get the tyres checked like in this thread, that's what the problem was. The MOT on the ST I've just bought had an advisory for uneven rear tyres, I could tell driving it (noise and slight feel in the wheel), Front tracking was off, so I'm assuming the rears were moved from the front where they'd got badly worn. Once tyres are bad no amount of tracking will solve it, I got 2 new tyres and fixed tracking and now it runs smooth and quiet.
  9. When I picked up my previous Focus it had brand new disks & pads and that was knocking about 30% of the time, I went back to the dealer and he sent me to his garage, took a couple of attempts to get it knocking and they couldn't find anything wrong, Went back a second time and they were shut, got annoyed and went to my local garage for them to look at it, After they looked at it and also couldn't find anything wrong, it's never knocked again since! I assume in their efforts to find a fault they removed something fitted wrong and put it back correctly, a free fix lol.
  10. Hmm, never really looked at that one before, watching YouTube videos now and it does look good. Really need a new DashCam as my 1 year old Mobius bricked and I'm using my old JooVuu X, Was looking at the NextBase 522G but now you've got me thinking, the NextBase ones look like you've got a camera stuck in your window which worries me.
  11. It's amazing how many issues bad tyres can create, Couple of years ago my 8 year old Focus developed a whine at motorway speeds, I'd convinced myself the bearings were bad, that turned out to be unevenly worn tyres. Then when I got my new car I could tell straight away the rear tyres were uneven, I could hear a bit of a whine and feel a slight pulsating rumble from the rear once I got over 30mph.
  12. Yeh I wouldn't touch it, I think I intended to silicon it too but I never did, Had my car 6 years and it was pretty early on when I cleaned the lights, so 5 ish years of no issues. Bet you're glad you didn't take that spoiler off now lol.
  13. Mine was right side too, maybe a design flaw? I can't remember any difference from the left side, it was about 5 years ago.
  14. New car, new wax. I used to use ArmorAll Shield that needed an application sponge, now I've seen the light and bought a spray on wax, I was going with Meguiar's Quik Wax until I saw Turtle Wax's Hybrid Sealant Wax (ICE in US), it's got good results, tended to last longer and was cheaper. Photo is 8 days since application.
  15. If it was me I'd have to check the light again, they are right above the leak, Maybe dry off around the light before taking it off, then if it's wet underneath then it must be that, Maybe use a clear silicone sealant.