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  1. Hope they catch the f***er 😡 People will say 'a car' can be replaced, but I know the passion, time and effort can't. I hope you find another Focus Estate and you can move on mate, maybe something with 'ST' on the back 😉
  2. What the hell happen there!?, so sorry mate it was a lovely car
  3. Are you sure Sync 2? Sync 2 was replaced in 2016 with Sync 3, you have a 2017 Edge? This is Sync 3 This is Sync 2 If you can get your car close enough to Wi-Fi you can update Sync 3 without USB
  4. 2020-06-25 Bird vs Lorry Didn't end well for the bird
  5. Now on to my 4th Dashcam, I picked up the VIOFO A119 V3 Dashcam last November. Really liking it so far, I've always used small dashcams on suction mounts before this (Mobius 1, Mobius Maxi & JooVuu X), I did like having the ability to move the camera around on the previous ones, but this A119 V3 locks onto a GPS plate stuck to the window, But having the ability to just grab the camera and quickly slap it onto the mount and start recording is so much easier (and with no visible wires), Mounting a suction cup and levelling the camera, then plugging in a USB power cable was messy and getting annoying, not something I wanted in my new ST.
  6. I don't like being wakened by the en suite toilet starting to fill at 7am 😡 the arm for the float valve had broken, unfortunately this top floor toilet was never fitted with a stop valve, but I managed to shut it off using a shoe lace. The part was only £4.98 from B&Q so I thought it wasn't worth calling someone out and waiting (covered for water issues), Took longer than it should have to fit, but once assembled it works fine, I have also bought a cut off valve which I'll fit later.
  7. Not sure if it's only the ST-3's with Premium Audio (boot Sub) and later models without a spare, but my 2015 ST-2 Estate has the jack & space saver kit, The jack screws onto a plastic mount in the well and the wheel sits over the top.
  8. I've been looking at buying a jack & stands to do more maintenance myself, and yeh those sills are worrying, I came across these on Amazon which seem to be a pretty good solution for jacking up, although there's not much room to jack up and place an axle stand at the same time with an ST skirt from what I've seen. If you are the type of person to get the car up a lot, there are some rails that bolt underneath so you can jack it almost anywhere.
  9. One of the first things I bought for my 4 year old ST was a pair of new Key Fob batteries, god knows how long they should last, for a few quid it's piece of mind just to do them when you get the car, I'll probably change them every 3 years.
  10. I'm on my 3rd car, each one got more powerful and expensive, I'd always gone to my local garage because they were out of Warranty, Now I've got a 5 year old Focus ST I was convinced I was going to Ford in May for Service & MOT to 'keep the value' with a book stamp, but I really wanted to get more hands on with this car, I've watched so many YouTube videos I just wanted to do stuff myself, I've changed both air filters (easy job and probably saved £20 in labour) and I ordered a bottle of Ford coolant and topped that up. My year 5 service was a minor, so all I needed was an Oil (& filter) change, although I did get spark plugs done too (doing that myself next time). But in regards to your car which is nearly 10 years old, I really wouldn't worry about using Ford, especially if you have a local you're happy with. When a car hits 10 years old I would expect the little jobs list to start getting longer, that's when labour costs start racking up, I took my first car to Ford (a 9 year old Escort) with a little issue (breather valve I think) and they gave me a list of things that needed doing on it, I took that list to my local and I saved over £100, just make sure you get your book stamped, that's all anybody will care about in the end.
  11. I don't like the fact I would normally be in Cornwall this week (one reason why I bought an ST Estate last year) even without the virus I wouldn't be there, my girlfriend has been in hospital with her son for nearly a month. Places are opening up on 4th July, but I expect to be off furlough and back at work by then, I still probably wouldn't even go though because I normally go end of June to avoid the kids, but they aren't at school.
  12. I've got them saved on my eBay, keep meaning to ask my indi garage if they would fit them, Obviously they won't warranty stuff they didn't sell, but it's OEM parts so you know what you're getting.
  13. More like a mirror than Panther Black when shot with a polarising filter lol
  14. It doesn't mention if the time was auto change or paddle shift, I'm guessing paddle shift will be slightly better, unless it needs that extra gear change. I'm guessing auto is timed for traction to avoid wheel spin, preventing second gear kicking in too early?, giving the tyres time to gain traction. I'm sure all manual times have some degree of wheel spin, on a front wheel drive car getting off the line isn't smooth.
  15. No way that TV left the factory in that box, someone has swapped it somewhere down the line. I got a 2TB External Drive from Argos and all I could see was 500GB, I then noticed a sticker on box saying it had been returned, finally twigged it had been drive swapped when it looked like it had been formatted on a Mac.