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  1. Cars are not allowed by law to under read so they usually over read by a few mph to be sure, my phone reads me doing 3mph less than what the car says. I say the GPS is more accurate and you're fine, even ignoring the accepted threshold.
  2. Sounds like a common problem from videos I've just found, I know you have a different grill but the location of the horn will be the same if you can get to it. Just to add for your future searches, your Focus is a Mk3 (the .5 means it's a Facelift model), my 2015 Focus Estate is a Mk3.5 (Facelift)
  3. I was under the impression that F8 is the end for Sync 2 systems, it's over 18 months old already I think. There is an F9 Update for Sync 3, but they are updated via USB or WiFi, I doubt Ford with produce physical maps for old systems anymore.
  4. The SD Card (under the arm rest) will have a big F5 printed on it then, F8 is as far as it goes on Sync 2, I got an F8 card for £20 from eBay last year, shipped from Lithuania no problems, looks genuine but probably not.
  5. Credit to anyone who gets it with a ST**BUG plate lol
  6. No, just you 😂 but to be fair I rarely wear shorts so not driven in them. You must have really been reaching in there lol.
  7. I didn't like the local pond life spitting on my clean car this evening 😡 Lottery win can't come soon enough this area is going from bad to worse, someone just got stabbed down the road from me.
  8. Fallout remover needs to get to the surface so any crud will stop it getting through. I use the Turtle Wax stuff on my wheels after a quick power wash, snow foam should come after cleaning the wheels, Dirty wheels & arches should always get done first to stop all the muck getting blasted onto a clean body. Not used one on the bodywork yet, but been looking at buying some for next springs big clean, According to Bilt Hamber, their Korrosol is recommended before claying So I'd imagine Clean > Fallout > Clean > Clay > Polish > Seal/Wax just like in the video.
  9. Well I've just spent most of the day washing my car, cleaned it every 2 weeks during lock down just for something to do lol. I didn't like noticing water spots on the window and over spray on the inside on the drive home, then streaks from washer fluid trying to get rid of spots, So that was another 20min of work when I got home.
  10. lots of details here,
  11. I didn't like a neighbour parking his car a foot from mine in a gap long enough for 3 cars, I went out and and moaned at him as he got out, if someone boxed him in he's risking scratching my car pulling out.
  12. That was The Finance Guy who got the Meguiar's kit 😉
  13. I do like being given this Auto Glym Kit for free, Just been to a small family gathering for my girlfriends mother, Asked girlfriends brother in-law if he had any scratch remover to get some marks off the sisters car, got talking about I've been more into car detailing this year than photography, then he whips out this kit, He gets them with a new Audi and he's been getting new ones for years, he had at least 3 kits never used. Only 2 problems, I'm a brand fan boy and I've been stocking up with Turtle Wax products, and it annoys me it comes with a sponge not a wash mitt (not that I'll use it, but seems odd with a kit worth about £100)
  14. No need to jack up, You are advised to loosen nuts on the ground even if you were taking the wheels off, stops the wheel turning and allows more leverage. I would loosen all the nuts first (in order) to take the pressure off the wheel, then swap one at a time by hand, then tighten all up last (in order). Suppose you could do each one fully in any order, but might be good practise for you to loosen and tighten them all in order. Ideally you should tighten them to the correct torque setting, you don't want to over tighten them, I bought a Torque Wrench last year to replace all my front nuts which were all knackered. Mine were so bad I had trouble getting them off lol.
  15. I don't like having to contact my Car Insurance to threaten to leave because they tag on 20% to my renewal, But to be fair their online chat was easy and quick, when asked if I'd been given any other quotes I gave them one from Esure, After a couple of questions they came back and matched it straight away saving me £117.68, Really don't understand the logic of Insurance Companies, for every one they fleece there are others who just leave.