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  1. RAIDER32

    How long do you keep your car for.

    First car I bought was a 9 year old 1996 Escort, kept it for 8 years until yearly repairs cost more than it was worth. I thought if an Escort can last me 8 years then a decent Focus would last me at least the same. 5 Years ago I was looking for a 4 year old 1.6 Focus with 30,000 miles to hit my £6k budget, with the aim of keeping it for a long time, I found a 45,000 mile Zetec S for £6.5k (normally £8k at the time) and took the hit on the higher mileage, I only do about 5,000 per year. It's only mechanical fault so far was on last months MOT when they found a broken coil spring. I sense it's now at that age where there is going to be something on the advisory every year, I'll just have to wait and see. I want a 2015 Focus ST but I know my 1.6 Zetec S can do everything I need, I would only be paying for smiles per gallon.
  2. RAIDER32

    I just found this out

    It took me over 4 years to find that out, and only because my mate who has a Focus did it lol. Had similar thing with the Focus when an old work mate was loading something heavy into the boot of his Focus, I lifted the rear seating forward so I could fold the back seats flat to slide his stuff in easier, He was amazed and asked how I did it, he was a granddad and the seats had crayons and all-sorts down between the seats.
  3. RAIDER32

    focus mk2 facelift boot leak

    I had water in my boot a few years ago, I removed the rear light clusters and cleaned off all the grime underneath them (quite surprising how much). Can't remember if I traced it back to the lights or just tried it, but it worked and it's been about 3 years with no problems since. So hopefully having done your lights again will solve the problem.
  4. I like the look, nice job. I always fancied getting my Zetec S 17" Alloys sprayed in that newer Rock/Anthracite colour.
  5. RAIDER32

    Potential purhase Zetec S Mk2.5

    There's nothing 'performance' about a Mk 2.5 Zetec S, it's the same engine's found in normal Zetec's, (apart from the Zetec S 1.6 Ti-VCT 115bhp over standard Zetec 1.6 100bhp). It's all about the styling, they've got the ST skirt & spoiler with unique sporty grill, diffuser and alloy's. Inside extras are basically Aluminium Sport Pedals and Chrome Handbrake (possibly a gear knob). I will say though, having a car that looks better does make you feel better, even if you can't beat anyone in a race lol.
  6. RAIDER32

    Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Looks like a dream job where he lives. Don't forget the Subtitles
  7. RAIDER32

    Petrol mileage display

    The computer assumes an average based on your MPG, Usually mine will say 250 Miles on a fill up if all I've done that month is short work & shopping trips, When I've made a long trip to Cornwall and fill up down there it will say 380 Miles on a full tank, That's due to the long cruise down getting 46mpg, compared to my shocking sub 25mpg heavy footed short urban trips.
  8. another wow from me, You should re-title this post to 'The Real Grand Tour' Stay safe and keep posting amazing photos.
  9. RAIDER32

    clutch slip

    I've experience a few 'slips' myself, maybe a couple of times within a week or two then nothing for months, I think it was usually making a turn out of the street on a cold start.
  10. RAIDER32

    Things I Don't Like

    Looks like I'll be looking at a Speed Awareness Course Van Hire company has sent Work a Notice from the Police regarding 'Speeding - exceeded 60mph for a goods vehicle', I was driving a Vauxhall Vivaro (size of a transit) on the A180 Dual Carriageway, they clocked me doing 71mph. Apparently a van is only allowed to do 60mph on a Dual Carriageway where 4x4's and motor-homes can still do 70mph. The A180 follows on from the M180 (which is 70mph), it all looks the same apart from a hard shoulder. I even remember seeing the guy who clocked me, I knew I was 'only' doing 70mph so thought nothing of it. Thinking they'd got it wrong I've done some research, but it seems pretty black & white regarding vans and Single/Dual Carriageways (-10mph). I've never owned a van and I don't drive for a living, we only get a van to deliver to our shops once a week and it's not always me driving.
  11. RAIDER32

    Driver gives red light a miss!

    The last time I saw a car do that, they got hit by a HGV.
  12. RAIDER32

    Do you leave your car in gear when you park?

    There are very few places I park that are completely flat, I always put it in the opposite gear to the direction of slope.
  13. RAIDER32

    RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    I feel like I'm in Final Destination at the minute and it's only a matter of time. 2017-12-03 Near Miss With Van Running Red Light Absolute idiot runs a blatant Red Light on a dual carriage way, other cars have clearly stopped and even I can see the red lights for them, I went straight through my lights and could have easily gone straight into the fool, I actually wanted that outside lane too but I didn't fancy being behind that van after that. Then to add the cherry he slows down on a green light slowing me down, leaving me stuck at the next lights (then a car runs that red too) 2017-12-09 Near Miss With Muppet Taking Shortcut This idiot thought he was clever avoiding going around the roundabout to turn right, nearly hitting me in the process, he didn't even look at me.
  14. RAIDER32

    RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-09-12 Ready Set Go Had a bad feeling about driving on the way home after seeing 2 cars that had been recently damaged, then 2 minutes later these muppets nearly collide. It is a poor set of lights coming the other way, you have to be right underneath them or further back, none are shown beyond the crossing. I've almost got caught out here, traffic suddenly stops and your left stranded not knowing what the light are showing, The Porsche driver might have just crawled passed the light as they were changing, then the muppet in the red car took off like he was on a drag race when the lights changed.
  15. RAIDER32

    RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    2017-08-23 Give Way to the RIGHT Really hating this mini roundabout at the minute, I slowed to give way to the right (no-one else was turning), I then entered it but a car entering it later than me failed to give way, I don't think she even looked right, silly witch didn't even look at me when I was nearly in her door.