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  1. I'd try the lights before tackling the spoiler, I had water getting in on my old Mk2.5 Focus from the lights, It's really easy removing the rear lamps, just a screwdriver I think, They get loads of dirt underneath creating space for water to get in, just give everything a good clean underneath and tighten back up.
  2. I've got the Petrol ST, I do too many short trips to get a Diesel. I should too, the sad thing is I actually shop at a Tesco Extra and drive past their fuel station, Cars are usually lining up out of the forecourt and I just think sod that lol, then drive past an empty Shell station down the road.
  3. I don't like the price of V-Power fuel, Just burnt off all the regular fuel in my new ST and decided I'd give V-Power a go to see if I can tell the difference, Carefully drove the last 3/4 mile with Zero Miles on the dash (this must be pretty accurate because I put in 54.42 Litres in a 55 tank) Expecting V-Power to be 6-8p a litre more I got a shock when it said £1.45.9 a litre, making it 19p more. As full of a tank as I've ever managed before, it came to £79.40!!. I know I probably won't feel any difference and the benefit is in the cleaning additives for the engine, any maybe a slightly better mpg, I think I'll probably only go with V-Power every 4th fill up.
  4. Sorry to bring up an old thread, Is anyone running aftermarket wheel nuts today? Just had 2 new tyres fitted to my ST and the garage said they had issues with the wheel nuts, Getting tired of looking for x8 OEM ones for the front, just tempted to get x16 aftermarket for a lot less, These seem to fit the bill The problem deciding is either getting replacement wheel nuts and having the same issues going forward, Or risk aftermarket and face the 'rust' and 'corrosion' issues that seem to litter the reviews.
  5. 2 Hours with Online chat to get across "I Don't Have the TV Package, Why Am I Being Charged £4 a Month For TV?" Finally they said ok we have removed the TV Charge from your bill you will no longer be charged. OK what about the 7 months I've been over charged £28? "I've spoken to my manager and will give you £10 good will" It's like catching someone robbing you and them offering you some of it back. If you are with TalkTalk Broadband I'd check your Bill for TV Charges.
  6. I don't like finding out TalkTalk have been charging me £4 for TV that I never asked for, since February!!. Even on my online account says I don't have TV, wtf?
  7. Funny enough the car I just got rid of was in the same boat as you, had 4 Performance and needed fronts changing, Garage told me they dropped £2 from last time, but they ended up fitting non-performance tyres instead, Turns out they were the newer and much quieter non-performance type (with rim protection) so I ended up keeping them. My size tyres were rated B B 66, so a drop in wet performance but only 66db for road noise. As long as each pair (front/back) is the same then you're fine, assuming we're talking normal driving.
  8. No I never did, I just rant them as they were until I sold car last month. Was always tempted to get them all refurbished and resprayed in a grey colour like the ST's.
  9. I couldn't agree more mate, got my ST-2 Estate 2 weeks ago and I'm not even missing my old car (which surprised me). I'm yet to get out for a 'proper' drive, but I've done 120 miles of very urban driving and having that poke under your right foot is amazing, Currently 'around' 23mpg, but it's been very short low gear driving so far, my old 2009 1.6 Focus only got 26mph daily driving though. Mine's only a 2015 so no Sync 3, and it's Panther Black not Shadow Black, I would have loved a 2017+ ST-3, but they were £4K more. It only took a day for someone to say "nice car mate", and the kid 2 doors up went "wow cool car" (in Polish accent). Just off to give it it's first clean, got my Touch-Up Paint to sort any issues before I get the polish and liquid wax on it later. Enjoy!!
  10. Got my ST 2 weeks ago and literally got Fords Panther Black Touch-Up Paint today, I intend to get chips and scratches sorted this weekend, might not be perfect, but it's better than looking chipped and scratched, Once you see something you never forget it's there and see it all the time.
  11. Only got it Friday and only done short urban trips so far, so average was about 29MPG, It's just dropped to 25MPG, that pull is so addictive when you've never had a fast car before, You begin to think "I'll leave that annoying Stop/Start on for now, so I can floor it later" lol.
  12. I new 2015 Focus ST-2 Estate 😀 Coming from a 2009 1.6 Zetec S it is definitely a step up in speed, comfort and technology.
  13. 2018-09-27 Don't Mind The Red Light (Or Kids) It's first thing in the morning with kids about and this fool goes through a red light just missing a kid crossing. Had that kid stepped out a couple of seconds later it would have been very close.
  14. I'm now on my third Dashcam, having ordered the Mobius Maxi a few months ago (first Mobius then JooVuu X, now Mobius Maxi) Mobius Maxi on eBay (original seller) I didn't like the JooVuu X's features they were tough to use, but I liked the UltraWide 21:9 Video Aspect (poor Bit-Rate though) The Mobius Maxi is better than the original Mobius, but I wish it had a 21:9 aspect ratio like the JooVuu X. My only complaints is the focus is not fixed, it is easily put out rotating the lens housing, that's easily done taking off the rubber lens cap. After finding my focus was completely off (rendering days of video useless), I connected it to my tablet and focused it properly and scored a line into it. The rubber cap comes in black and fits snugly around the lens, a few times I never noticed it was still on, hence why I put Red Tape on it.
  15. First car I bought was a 9 year old 1996 Escort, kept it for 8 years until yearly repairs cost more than it was worth. I thought if an Escort can last me 8 years then a decent Focus would last me at least the same. 5 Years ago I was looking for a 4 year old 1.6 Focus with 30,000 miles to hit my £6k budget, with the aim of keeping it for a long time, I found a 45,000 mile Zetec S for £6.5k (normally £8k at the time) and took the hit on the higher mileage, I only do about 5,000 per year. It's only mechanical fault so far was on last months MOT when they found a broken coil spring. I sense it's now at that age where there is going to be something on the advisory every year, I'll just have to wait and see. I want a 2015 Focus ST but I know my 1.6 Zetec S can do everything I need, I would only be paying for smiles per gallon.