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  1. All 3 cars I've owned were Ford 1996 Escort LX 1.4 (Green) 2009 Focus Zetec S 1.6 (Blue) 2015 Focus ST 2.0 Estate (Black)
  2. I definitely like the face more it looks a bit meaner now, I really don't like the current face it looks too happy, Everyone is doing the big screen thing so no surprise there, but I don't like losing physical buttons. I can see ST owners removing that front Ford badge, aftermarket grills will be popular if the badge doesn't come of cleanly.
  3. RAIDER32


    Well if you have a 2015 car like me, then you'll have SYNC2, There are no 'free updates' for SYNC2, you have to buy a new SD card with the latest map (what SD Map do you have under the arm rest?) I thought they ended SD Map's for SYNC2 with F8 over 2 years ago, but it seems there is an new F9 Map out there, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ford-2021-Sync-NAVIGATION-Europe/dp/B092JDHFQN You will find them on eBAY for half that price, but that risk is yours. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-F9-SD-Card-Navigation-Sync-2-SD-Sat-Nav-Latest-Maps-UK-Europe-2022-MAPS-/294324623973 I bought my F8 Maps on eBay no issues. If you've got the money and the ability you can upgrade the whole unit to SYNC3 with these kits from China, then maps will update for free. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000909731806.html Unfortunately we have to buy the 64GB Europe Map version for the UK which is £450+, I would have bought one already if we could use the cheaper 32GB version (cyanlabs.net do offer 'chopped' UK maps for this though)
  4. Magnetic is my favourite Ford colour, and I must have the only model that it doesn't come in 😥 Strange how the MK3 ST didn't come in Magnetic but it did on the ST-Line and RS. I had my eye on the ST-Line X Estate in Magnetic before I went mad and got an ST Estate, but finding one in 1.5 Petrol (182PS) engine was near impossible at the time. The US got Magnetic ST's though, this would look so good in Estate form.
  5. I don't like my Car Insurance Renewal offer with the usual 20% price hike, Already seeing other quotes for £130 less and I know when I tell them I'm leaving I'll get a price match, Last year I got it £12 cheaper than the year before because they matched another quote, So they would have got more out of me if it was the same as previous because I wouldn't have been bothered.
  6. Water is a funny thing, it finds it's way around, I had a leak in my kitchen ceiling once, that was from a blocked gutter 2 floors up, Water overflowed and ran down the side of the house and in any hole it could get in to.
  7. Only thing else I can suggest is checking and cleaning the washer and electrical grommets on the top. My first car was a 1996 Escort that had a high leak, I never sorted that out.
  8. I was hoping this wouldn't be an issue on the Mk3 Estate as it was on most of the hatches, I had the famous leaky boot on my old Mk2.5 Focus hatch, it was solved by removing the light cluster and cleaning everything (very dirty underneath) My first move would be remove and clean the light clusters (as you would changing a bulb), when enough dirt gets underneath it creates gaps. If it's the strut you could easily check if they are tight enough and run some clear silicone sealant around it. I'll soon be giving my Mk3 Estate it's spring clean, I think I'll be adding cleaning the light clusters to the job list.
  9. Sounds like you've nailed the noise issue now, hopefully not too expensive to sort. I was convinced I had bearing issues on my 2009 Zetec S when driving on the motorway, Kept hearing a humming noise over 40mph, garage said it was just a knackered tyre, Happy it was just an old tyre, but replacing 2 tyres was still £220. Biggest reason I'll probably stick with Goodyear is they have the lowest dB noise rating in Premium range. I'm sure I'll upgrade my Sync 2 one day, seen several on forum get new kit from AliExpress and are very happy. I just don't use the screen enough to spend a fortune on it, and I like my custom screen image.
  10. Sounds like you do have the 64GB version to me (and only paid for the 32GB) I'm guessing there's a Serial No. batch that refers to the memory it has, no idea what though. I think you might have found a loophole with this supplier by asking for the region, others want an extra £150+ for the 64GB Europe.
  11. Good stuff fella, at £350 I'm more tempted, On this other one it gives the option for the '64GB Europe' version https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000909731806.html I'm pretty sure when people have manually updated SYNC they have to go with the Europe Maps. Would be good to know which actual version they gave you after telling them you're in Europe.
  12. How much was yours? There are £500+ versions on AliExpress because they are 64GB versions for Europe Maps, that's nearly £150 more than the 32GB. Your link looks like it's only for the 32GB version, does your SatNav run ok?
  13. I noticed at the end of summer my A/C was blowing cold only on the passenger side, It seemed to be a common issue on the MK3 Focus from what I found and some said a re-gas sorted it, I'll be having my garage look at it soon now it's getting warmer.
  14. Looking forward to your review, Michelins do seem to be 'the' brand at the moment. Yeh my intention is to get a discount by buying all 4 (for the first time ever), Black Circles often do £25 off 4 Goodyear and £40 off 4 Michelins.
  15. Looks like we had the same model car previously, I had a 2009 Focus Zetec S in Ocean Blue, It was 10 years old when I part-ex'd it for my 2015 Focus ST Estate, I loved it too and was sad to see it go. I took a financial risk to get the ST, but I thought it was also a risk keeping the Zetec S past 10 years old, The car before that was an Escort and that was getting replaced piece by piece every year lol. Sounds like a big practical difference between a Focus Estate and a Fiesta, I would ask what you want to do with it. I could never justify the cost difference between a 2009 Zetec S and a 2015 ST Hatchback, it would mainly be an engine upgrade for £10k, Getting an ST Estate felt like getting something more useful and practical for the long run, while still being fun (and better looking in my eye). It seems like you are going backwards if I'm honest, I'm sure a 2015 Fiesta is way nicer than a 2009 Focus, and worth more too. I would obviously point you to an ST Estate if an Estate is what you're looking at, I don't think I go through any more fuel than the Zetec S did in mpg terms, but I do put Premium in now which is a few quid more.
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