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  1. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    I'm not sure if I can make it too far this weekend. May pop to Trafford as it's only down road. I'm up for going anywhere though in a couple of weeks. I'm just busy at the moment lots of Uni work to do!! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    Maybe. I didn't see or hear it do anything special. Seems a bit stupid putting a GTR badge on fiesta though
  3. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    Wow should of got the Evans Halshaw GTR edition instead of my ST haha :/
  4. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    The Fiesta GTR that we saw tonight at Trafford http://www.topspeed.com/cars/ford/2011-ford-fiesta-gtr-ar109089.html 59bhp haha aww
  5. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    Yeh was pretty good :) maybe see you guys there another time !
  6. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    Ok 8.30 at Asda I'll meet you guys there :)
  7. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    And the ST girl :) boy racer at heart. What time ?
  8. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    It's right round the corner if it's Nash Road. Just google maps Nash Road Trafford Park. I don't mind meeting at Adsa though :D
  9. Calling All Ford Owners!!!!!

    I'll come down tomorrow will be my first time so want yo check it out! Can't wait to meet other ST owners and car fanatics :D
  10. Ford Badge White

    My overlays came today. Carbon and red :) they look awesome. Mine were from DMB But have you seen on the website they are stopping the ford gel overlays at end of June!? Everybody buy them quick haha Hannah
  11. Fiesta Metal Vs Fiesta St

    William, It's more than a bit faster. I played in my metal for two years and got nothing out of it compared to the ST, I'm really impressed with the speed from a 1.6. Same as the 124 bhp from the Zetec s 1.0 l! Well done Ford :D :D Hannah
  12. Fiesta Metal Vs Fiesta St

    Hi, I previously had a metal and just traded in for an ST! Definitely upgrade to the ST! I used to think my metal had power but noooo. Nothing compared to this ST, the ST is a beast! Get the ST you won't be disappointed. I thought I'd miss my metal but I'm that happy with my ST I haven't looked back. Once your about 3000 revs and 2nd 3rd and 4 th gear have so much power it blew me away I haven't drove the 1.0 L fiesta but have heard its quite nippy. But my dealer has the 1.0 L and he said he'd swap it for the ST any day Hope this helps Hannah :)
  13. Big Fiesta And Focus Meet!

    I'd come along if I'm available. I'm manchester way. So as long as it's not more than 1 to 2 hour drive I'm in! :)
  14. Ford Fiesta St

    Ahh ok Jordan! Enjoy :)
  15. Fiesta ST 2