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  1. Happy Birthday Eddicus!

  2. Fiesta Mk5 Oil Pressure Light

    Okay awesome thanks man Ed
  3. My 1.3 petrol had an oil pressure light come up this morning, no difference to how the car runs, idle is slightly lumpy. Did an engine flush and oil and filter change, and no difference, any ideas? Ed
  4. Best Kits?

    I don't know if this is what you meant by interior lights, but I replaced my overhead light with a 6 led direct replacement, (easy swap) and it makes a fantastic difference! Only about £5 from eBay as well! Ed
  5. Fitting A Rev Counter

    Hi, I've got a 2000 fiesta (finesse I think?) and was looking to install a rev counter in place of the picture of the car, which doesn't so anything. Anyone got any advice, or links to any good kits? Would appreciate any advice! Thanks! Ed
  6. Any Advice Please

    That sounds like another coolant leak. Heck your reservoir, if low, top it up and clean the engine as much as possible before running again. It will help to determine where the leak is coming from. Ed
  7. Fiesta Mk5 Metal Grille

    Hi, I am looking for a metal grille for a mk5 fiesta, not a cover for the existing, a replacement for the standard one? Anyone have any ideas where I could get one from? Thanks! Ed
  8. Zetec S Dustcaps

    I don't have a link I'm afraid, but I think rich brook sell a set? Ed
  9. Hi, I recently bought a cone filter for my fiesta, and I was curious about the fitment of it? Is there a kit with modified hoses/mounting brackets and so on? Any information or someone whose done it before would be muchly appreciated! Thanks! Ed
  10. I have a mk5 fiesta, and the clock lights up, but the display is really faint or not there at all. I know it's linked to the interior light, and that is working perfectly. The fuse is also fine, as it's brand new. Anyone got any ideas? Ed
  11. Okay mate, let me know! Try and check that hose, it's one more thing to tick off the list! Ed
  12. Exhaust Help

    The mongoose one sounded amazing! Ed
  13. How old is the mondeo mate? Cos I had the same problem on my fiesta, and people kept saying it was the idle control valve. Turned out to be my brake servo pulling through air! To check it, carefully pull the vacuum hose from the servo and block it with a finger or whatever and see if the revs settle down? Saves you putting a icv on it straight away? Ed
  14. Mk6 Brakes Fit A Mk5?

    Sorry, should have said! A 1.3 endura Ed
  15. Mk6 Brakes Fit A Mk5?

    It's new fluid, did a complete service on it recently, brake fluid, coolant, gearbox oil, engine oil and filter, sparks, leads and coil pack, thought it was best to look after it! Ed