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  1. Thumping noise from tyres

    I also have a speed related thump coming from the rear of the car. It only really bothers me on smooth tarmac when its really noticeable. The rear tyres are original so I'm at a bit of a loss to figure out what it is.
  2. "IF THEY SAY YOU NEED NEW BRAKE PADS DO YOU BELIEVE THEM" No! In March 2016 my local main dealer advised pads to be changed but in reality they lasted until the 2017 service!.
  3. worth upgrading 1.0 100ps to zetec s 125 ?

    Don't mention this in ear shot of the 140 owners lol
  4. I just stick to what Ford recommend in the manual. Now at 35K with original tires Continental Sport Contact
  5. Fiesta rear wheel arch spats ??

    Mine are just bits plastic clipped onto the bodywork, look cheap and tacky but never lost one yet.
  6. Steering wheel buttons PITA.

    I remember when you first joined, moaning and groaning about the technology in the Fiesta and the possibilities of it going belly up, looks like your worst nightmare has come true.
  7. Fiesta 5 Door ST is COMING VERY SOON!

    About time but way too late, be worth waiting to see what the MK8 ST looks like
  8. HELP !!! Fiesta Titanium X Grille Wanted

    Never have liked the overly fussy chrome grille especially on a Titanium X which has its fair share of chrome. Really like the grille on the new Studio and Style.
  9. HELP !!! Fiesta Titanium X Grille Wanted

    Willy is this to complete the Titanium "S" mods?
  10. New RS

    Awesome colour, I bet the delivery date can't come soon enough Phil.
  11. What do you have ?

    Ripped the Ecoboost & Fiesta badge off.
  12. Picked up my Titanium Ecoboost 125 today

    I had a 3 series before the Fez and the tall gearing takes time to get used to. Its only ticking over at 70 @ 2500rpm in fifth, the only way to get a move on is to slam it in 3rd.
  13. A Little Bit Of Chrome To Add Some Class...

    I've seen this done to a Mini in the UK and the owner could not get anybody to insure it apart from the BMW Mini drive away insurance cover which only lasted a few days.
  14. Does My Fiesta Have Heated Mirrors As Standard?

    Ford make it too damn confusing. I think to get puddle lights on certain models you have to choose an option pack? unless things have changed.
  15. Cctv ''which One'' ??

    So your not recording from the cameras then, your just viewing only?. Is your scart switcher controlled by a wireless remote control?.