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  1. Personalised Registration Or Not?

    Bought a private plate for my fez, made it look so much more classy IMO. My names Tommy and I bought T6MHY for £250 haha. I also agree, leave it till March!
  2. Opinion Of The Potenzas?

    I've literally just bought a new front set of the bridgestone this past weekend for my metal. Went for them again as I think they're a pretty solid tyre, all be it the wear rate is quite high. I managed to get my front two done at a local garage for £170 inc fitting ect. Not too bad a price I thought. The chap seemed to think they were being phased out though as he struggled to get hold of them... How true that actually is though, I don't know.
  3. Drl Halo Rings Install Advice

    Lovely jubbly mate, thanks for your help!
  4. Drl Halo Rings Install Advice

    Thanks for the reply mate! I want them to be Just like yours. I did think I'd have to also get a relay. Would you be able to link me to a relay that you have? Also am I correct in thinking that I'd just have to wire it all in series? (From battery, to relay, to inverter, to halo rings)?
  5. Good evening chaps! Just purchased some of the halo fog lights from Sico-Developments online. Basically they have arrived with no instructions what-so-ever. I'm just after some advice on how to connect these ones up as they seem different to the ones on the guides on here. I want them to run as daytime running lights (Drl). Here's a few pics, any advice welcome! Cheers!
  6. Black Wheel Touch Up

    Afternoon chaps! Had a bit of a mere today and took a chunk out of one of my rims while leaving a parking spot that had a hidden curb. Just wondering the best way to touch them up and what with? I've got a metal edition fiesta so it has the black gloss wheels. Bit gutted, managed to go so long without scuffing them :( Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Drl's/halo's For Fogs.....

    Is anyone yet to install these? Pics ect? Quite eager to order some myself but don't want to be the test dummy aha
  8. Drl's/halo's For Fogs.....

    Yeah same here, currently looking for a relay, struggling at the moment though
  9. Drl's/halo's For Fogs.....

    Well played, will have to order some and a relay this week!
  10. Drl's/halo's For Fogs.....

    If you lads find out how to fit these I'd definitely get some, look the dogs dangly's
  11. Non Ford Owners Opinions Of Fiesta St's

    Not quite an ST owner, but I had a bmw 120 Msport previous to my fiesta metal addition, and as soon as I changed from the bmw to the ford people instantly believed I had downgraded and effectively become a peasant just because it's a ford. However I drilled into there narrow little heads that the fiesta is 10x better, so much more fun and you get a lot more for your money. Wouldn't swap back if someone paid me.
  12. My Fiesta Metal Edition.. Pics

    Nice car mate! I also have a metal, awesome cars! I'll be keeping an eye out on how you get on with that ST diffuser, been thinking about doing the same thing too! Keep it up mate!
  13. Waxing Your Car.

    Also a lot of prepping is the key to a great shine! A PH neutral APC, snow foam, proper car wash with suds using 2BM, then a dry off with proper micro fibre drying towel. Doing this definitely helps 100x more than just washing and waxing.
  14. Waxing Your Car.

    I've always been a fan of Autgylm waxes myself. For the quality and price you can't go wrong. Here's my car with a full coat of extra gloss protection which is a sealant. I always find a sealant takes better to the car in slightly colder weather and is a lot less time consuming. I'll start waxing her with the autogylm HD wax in a few weeks time and really go to town on it.
  15. Ipswich Newbie

    Yeah Matt,I was thinking more the little strip ones that I've seen some of the fiestas with that are just bellow the headlight? The Beemer was a 2.0ltr so quite a lump. Was just too big for me really. Thanks bigrog!