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  1. 1.6 Tdci Mk7 Fiesta Starting Issues

    Fingers crossed that's mine done and sorted n I hope somebody can make use of the info I've provided, not sure if it's relevant but the last 2 tank fulls have been BP as opposed to esso prior to that.........in future ill certainly not be using the same filling station. ..
  2. 1.6 Tdci Mk7 Fiesta Starting Issues

    Done 70.000 I changed oil &oil filter approx 3000 mile ago when i bought it....air filter looked like new and fuel filter looked recent Today went out again started cut out this time left it for AA to get it started had low fuel pressure in rail but no fault code he vacuumed fuel through a few times after 30 mins got it running said he thought fuel filter may have small cracks in or hole as was common fault also said they often block so he fitted a new filter...again 20 mins to get it started , then went to ford dealer 75 to put it on their diagnostic and they couldn't find fault , said go back with it when it won't start n they will be able to diagnose it properly ,
  3. Had my fiesta for a few months now not had any trouble starting etc got in car this morning started ok after a few seconds it cut out ? Went to restart and no luck just whining over....checked for fault codes nothing recorded ...tried again still wouldn't fire, as if it's getting no fuel ,after about 20 mins tried again and it tried to fire , tried again and it started .....went to work came out to try it after a few hours fine no probs came out to go home and it cranked over a while before firing then when it did start again it tried to cut out after a few seconds ..this time I caught it in time give a bit of revs and it continued to run had all panels off and looked for leaks ...and bad connections at back of engine still can't see anything wrong any body had this before maybe fuel pressure sensor , air leak, leak off pipes??? Any advice appreciated or I think it's gonna be a trip to dealership.....forgot to mention got AA out and they can't find a fault code but I'd got it started before they arrived