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  1. Water Leaking Into Car!

    My Wife's Ka had the same problem. After trying to trace the leak and emulating a contortionist to look at the top of the driver's foot-well, I discovered a dribble of water trickling from the flange/seal around the steering column on the bulkhead. So it might be worthwhile pulling the carpet and sound proofing material back - you'll need to remove the beading from the door frame - and have a look-see. It'll be useful to do this anyway, to dry out the carpet (mop up surplus water then stuff a folded towel or two under the carpet and leave it there for a few days to soak up moisture replacing as necessary). Next thing is to look under the bonnet and pour water on the windscreen and through the grill by the wipers and see if water leaks though the horizontal join between top of the bulkhead and wiper box. You will see that it trickles down and flows around the hole for the steering column. :) I manufactured a rubber deflector from an old bicycle inner tube so that the water falls harmlessly past the bulkhead. Don't make it too long though otherwise it might touch the exhaust manifold. I used plastic ties to position it immediately below the join. Also, under the bonnet, you might notice water forming a puddle at the top of the wheel arch. I discovered that this puddle overflows and finds its way to the same spot on the bulkhead. I cured it by redirecting the over-flowing water by making a small dam with a blob of propriety 'metal' putty. Good luck! Old Albanian .
  2. Hello Everyone

    Good afternoon. My wife has a 2005 Ford Ka 1.3 Design and I have a 1963 Anglia 105e in pristine condition. All my efforts go into keeping the Ka in good condition - a bit like shoveling feathers . Hope to be of assistance to other members and to pick their brains when necessary.