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  1. I picked up my 1st new car from Ford in 2009 middle of the night to drive on the 1st day. It was the new shape and I was very excited. It was black and I was shocked to get financing and so didn't ask for any extras lol. Then I got another new one 3 years later before the MOT kicked in and I've been on the same loop ever since. I just picked up a new Titanium X ecoboost 125 hybrid today. Race Red! My 2nd red car from them. Just realised I've had 7 titanium cars since the new shape came out. Insurance was then £300 and now its just over £600 (daughter is on the insurance now). Love the car, will love the heated steering wheel and seats in the winter. The sales guys are my friends as I've known them all this time lol. They said with the war in Ukraine there has been a lack in chips so my car didn't come with Sat Nav or folding mirrors. There was no order just picked one that was in the shop as production finished a few weeks ago. Also noticed that no space for sunglasses 😮 However I love Fiestas and don't know what I'll go for after. I'll have to keep this as long as possible as I really don't want the "bigger" puma. I always have had previously, before I was able to buy new, Ford or Vauxhall. Will miss Ford. Hello Vauxhall maybe.
  2. I too am getting a new shiny new Fiesta Titanium next week. In Midnight sky with hopefully reverse parking sensors. My current Fifi is 3 years old in May and I only went to the dealers to see what my options are. They did me such a deal that I get a new car with the same payments, much better spec (with the USB, bluetooth, voice control stuff) that it was better to get a new one than to keep my current one. So I pick it up at midnight next week Wednesdy. They threw in the diamond brite in for free so I'm a happy bunny! Love Fiestas! Its been a gorgeous car and has never let me down. Good luck with yours :)
  3. Is Midnight Sky and Sea Gray the same thing? I've just ordered a new fiesta. Previously owned it in Panther Black. Gorgeous car by the way.
  4. I've not seen any Ceder green cars so that will be a first.
  5. Mine does it continuosly as long as the AC is on. Its loud but as I dont have anything to compare it with I don't know if its not ok. Going in for its first 1,000 mile service on Saturday. Might mention it if I remember.
  6. Mmmmm loving the interior pack..
  7. Welcome back Michael. Dubrovnik sounds a bit boring. Next time go Malaga!
  8. It is such a waste. I would also like to put in a bid for the alloys ;)
  9. I played something by Michael Jackson. Part of my gym tunes track. Ah the drive home was great. I don't think I will ever take driving in my car for granted. I just love it!
  10. That mini looks great. :) I still fancy my fiesta. She's gorgeous ;)
  11. Brilliant Sarc! Loving all them pics. Hope the birth is painfree
  12. I love to turn it on when I get into a boiling hot car. Just for a little while until the temp inside goes down. The windows open just isnt enough. I only have 2 anyhow!
  13. I think it looks really nice. I cant tell the difference in the lowering but the interior is loverly :)
  14. I wish I had that car. How gorgeous does it look on your street. Are you looking out the window now? Very happy for you Paul. He's a beauty x
  15. I actually like having the excessive amount of drinks holders in my car I hope you will be happy with the arm rest. :)
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