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  1. I too am getting a new shiny new Fiesta Titanium next week. In Midnight sky with hopefully reverse parking sensors. My current Fifi is 3 years old in May and I only went to the dealers to see what my options are. They did me such a deal that I get a new car with the same payments, much better spec (with the USB, bluetooth, voice control stuff) that it was better to get a new one than to keep my current one. So I pick it up at midnight next week Wednesdy. They threw in the diamond brite in for free so I'm a happy bunny! Love Fiestas! Its been a gorgeous car and has never let me down. Good luck with yours :)
  2. Is Midnight Sky and Sea Gray the same thing? I've just ordered a new fiesta. Previously owned it in Panther Black. Gorgeous car by the way.
  3. I've not seen any Ceder green cars so that will be a first.
  4. Mine does it continuosly as long as the AC is on. Its loud but as I dont have anything to compare it with I don't know if its not ok. Going in for its first 1,000 mile service on Saturday. Might mention it if I remember.
  5. Mmmmm loving the interior pack..
  6. Welcome back Michael. Dubrovnik sounds a bit boring. Next time go Malaga!
  7. It is such a waste. I would also like to put in a bid for the alloys ;)
  8. I played something by Michael Jackson. Part of my gym tunes track. Ah the drive home was great. I don't think I will ever take driving in my car for granted. I just love it!
  9. That mini looks great. :) I still fancy my fiesta. She's gorgeous ;)
  10. Brilliant Sarc! Loving all them pics. Hope the birth is painfree
  11. I love to turn it on when I get into a boiling hot car. Just for a little while until the temp inside goes down. The windows open just isnt enough. I only have 2 anyhow!
  12. I think it looks really nice. I cant tell the difference in the lowering but the interior is loverly :)
  13. I wish I had that car. How gorgeous does it look on your street. Are you looking out the window now? Very happy for you Paul. He's a beauty x
  14. I actually like having the excessive amount of drinks holders in my car I hope you will be happy with the arm rest. :)
  15. You are correct. It blows out cooler air at 16 degrees but it would need the full A/c on to get the better effect. I'm quite happy with it blowing out cool air at 16.
  16. Thanks Steve. My car is nearly at 1000 miles after nearly 4 months. Low I know
  17. I've just noticed the 59 plate. Am jealous
  18. Ooo a FOC wedding :lol: What should we wear?
  19. Welcome to the forum :) Your car sounds lovely. Bet you cant wait!
  20. Happy Birthday Poohbear! Hope you had a great day :) x
  21. You know that Mrs Hedgepig is gorgeous otherwise he wouldnt be with her :)
  22. Ah thanks Kristal. x Nah, I dumped him actually. Its practically impossible to find a decent, single man (meaning someone who is not married, semi-separated "living separate lives") in my age group! GRRRR, GRRRR!!! Rant over. Enjoy your weekends peeps :) x
  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR SUNDAY POOHBEAR! :) I'm not doing anything exciting. Recently broke up with a guy so on the hunt (again!) Catch up telly on Saturday (Corrie, Emmerdale). Watch X factor (brilliant) Might go gym for an extra long session. Sunday, cleaning, food shop, boring stuff! Monday dossy, doss doss!
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