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  1. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    I paid Ford £60 for a water leak check. They had it for a day, gave it back saying they had put the hose over it but couldn't find a leak. A very expensive car wash! It feels dry at the moment, though I haven't actually got down and felt the carpets. However, it hasn't rain so much recently. Good luck with Customer Services. PS Wing mirrors still click, though I've retrained myself to lock the drivers door manually now.
  2. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    Oh, dear, oh dear! I have an 06 Fiesta Ghia which smells of cat wee and yes, have found both front foot wells are full of water. Thank you everyone for the tips. I shall try them but then I suspect have to go to Ford who said it would cost £60 to test for a leak which could possibly be fixed at the same time for the same price. (Next I need to sort the clicking wing mirrors!)