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  1. Petrol Consumption Fiesta Zetec 1.4

    Mpg usually stays around 34-36 mark. Predominantly sitting at 50-70mph - 5th gear. My tank capacity should be 42 litres, yesterday the nozzle clicked at 34 litres. The fuel dial did show full tank, maybe the fuel hadn't settled?
  2. Petrol Consumption Fiesta Zetec 1.4

    Thanks for the quick reply Sheriff I have had the car since the 21st of Feb. From what I can remember I've already filled up 3 times. 2 X £25 taking me to half tank and once yesterday £45 taking me to full tank. I do about 40 miles a day, 30 of the miles are m3 and m25 the rest are smaller roads. Should it be costing me this much? I've got no idea as to how much I should be forking out per month.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if i've posted in the wrong place. I have recently bought a Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.4 Petrol, 2007, 44000 on the clock. At first I thought it was a good buy, but now doing some more research around it (which i should have done before buying the car) i've realised that a diesel is more economical (mpg) and cheaper (road tax wise). The problem I tried filling up to the max yesterday after one click i stopped. I only topped up 34 litres, i'm sure there weren't 6 litres already in there as the dashboard said i only had 19 miles to go before empty. It might just have been the splashback causing the nozzle to click. Switched on the engine and saw the tank was full. I must've have only done 7-10 miles at max, I then drove into work today which is another 17 miles. As I was going to switch the engine off i noticed that my tank stated that i had only 3/4 of a full tank left. Surely doing 27 miles wouldn't finish off 1/4 tank. Should I take the car in for a check? I have no idea why it's consuming so much petrol. I usually do (to work) 10 miles at 70mph 4 miles at 50mph 3 miles are on and off depending on traffic but anywhere between 10-30mph. I wouldn't consider myself to be heavy footed either, so really a bit clueless in regards to this matter. Could you please tell me whether the amount of miles i'm covering is okay for the amount of petrol that this car is guzzling up? Thanks in advance.