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  1. Diesel Overfuelling

    The pump just delivers , the pcm and injector govern how much , i'd swap your injector to another cylinder and see if the fault moves.
  2. Info Please On Mk5 Escort Mexico

    I seem to remember them being fairly standard but with white dash clocks.
  3. Focus Problems

    If it is overcharging then check the red wire going to the 3 pin plug on the alternator , they tend to corrode and cause this.
  4. Diesel Overfuelling

    If the injector fails , then yes.
  5. Focus Problems

    Check your charge rate , if the alternator overcharges it could cause this
  6. Crankshaft Pulley

    Just make sure you torque the pulley bolt up correctly. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  7. Eml doesn't come into the test , I would personally pass and advise. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  8. Cigarette Lighter Not Working

    Which fuse ? On fiesta (which I assume from your profile pic) it's one of the "maxi" block fuses at the bottom of the fusebox, this isn't shown in the manual.
  9. Fan Failure (Continued)

    The 2 thicker wires are direct battery supply and should give consistent voltage , the third thinner wire is a signal wire from the pcm and is the one that i've found problems with before.
  10. Tyres

    All tyres now have to come with a rating , similar to fridges cookers etc http://www.goodyear.eu/uk_en/tire-advice/eu-tire-label/ Noise is part of it
  11. Fan Failure (Continued)

    You'll get voltage by spinning the fan as a motor and a dynamo are essentially the same thing , but but used backwards to each other ! The wire generally breaks on the ns just past the headlamp where the loom forms a u shape , it seems to be where any overspill from the washer filler neck leaks down , look for stains.
  12. Fan Failure (Continued)

    The thin wire is a control , you won't get an actual voltage down it , but I have seen more faults with this breaking than modules . Do you have access to a code reader ? the PCM will log a code if the circuit is open , but not put the mil on.
  13. Will My Hids Fault An Mot?

    This is a common misconception about hid headlamps , if you look at the relevant part of the manual here , you will see the wording shows you can't fail them for not having washers and auto leveling fitted , only for not working if they are fitted !
  14. Sounds like injector knock , inspect the shaft for play and rotors for damage , though as I said I've fixed loads of these with the TSB.