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  1. Hi Adam, The fault was a absolute nightmare, even ford didn't know where to go with it at first. They settled on it either being the ECU or the fuel rail sensor, they changed the fuel rail sensor first because it was the cheapest option and it fixed the fault. They looked further into how the fuel rail sensor works and if the ECU is not getting a valid response from the fuel rail sensor it will simply not allow fuel through to the engine. I guess it's safer than allowing loads of fuel through. Hope this helps
  2. Ok I'll take the fuel pressure relay out tomorrow and give it a good clean. Im a bit weary pointing the fingers at sensors because they tend to bring up fault codes. I have been told that the fuel rail sensor has been known not to bring up fault codes though. The mechanic who replaced the filter did say he replaced it with a genuine ford filter because of that very reason of ford cars being fussy about their filters. I have had scanners plugged in and no fault codes have been logged.
  3. my car is a 1.6 TDCI, 57 reg. Its hard to fault find on an electrical circuit where I cant find a single diagram! do you have an idea of how the system works and what could be causing a sudden lack of power to the fuel pump? if the diesel does not have a fuel pump relay what takes over the relays job? surely the same sort of feature is installed on diesels?
  4. Thanks for all your help! My mechanic doesn't really want to touch the car anymore, he keeps telling me that I should take it to a ford dealer. I think he feels a bit out of his depth because its not registering fault codes. Tomorrow my friend is bringing in a live data reader and we are going out for a drive to see how the engine performs and what signals are being sent out of the ECU when the fault appears. This should help to rule out if the fault is the ECU or not. we are all Aircraft electrical engineers in my work place so I am adamant we will fix this car! or we will die trying lol. I am also going to take the fuel pump relay out after the data reading and clean it to see if that rectifys the fault. I'll keep you all posted on how I'm getting on and all the results found after the live data read. if anybody has anymore ideas that may narrow the problem down it would be very much appreciated.
  5. Thanks wase16II. I normally wouldn't take much notice of the normal engine stoping warning lights but is the steering one a normal warning that would come on? The car has got a lot worse sines I had my fuel filter replaced! It seems like the fuel pump is just stopping! But then it's starting again straight after I restart the ignition. Could the ECU be getting information it's not happy with and stop the engine receiving fuel. I can't see this being a safety feature because it's got me in a fair few dangerous situations like stuck in the fast lane of a motorway! I have had a few mechanics say that the ECU could be faulty but I don't want to replace it until I know for definite that's the problem. Thanks bigrog. Not a single mechanic has said to me it could be the power steering even though the warning is there to see. I have also been led to believe that if the fuel cut of switch had been activated I physically wouldn't be able to start my car.
  6. Hi all, I have a problem that as baffled all mechanics that has came into contact with it. The fault When I am driving down the road everything will be fine, Then randomly without any warning the car will simply not allow me to accelerate and roll to a stop, when the car does eventually come to a stop (complete stop the car doesn't even idle) I get the normal warning lights like the oil pressure/battery but I also get a audible sound accompanied by the left red lamp being illuminated. the amber power steering lamp also comes on and the message reads steering assist failure. most of the time the car will restart fine but sometimes it can take up to 5 times to restart the engine. all warnings are cleared when the car restarts. The fault started off once every few months but now it is guaranteed to happen every few miles and the car is now unsafe to drive. Replacements I have had the fuel injectors changed because they were leaking and the fuel filter replaced. But the problem just seems to be getting worse and more frequent. is there some sort of safety feature that shuts off the fuel supply to the engine? Pic and Video The picture shows all of the fail lights after the car has come to a stop. the video show the car just after the car has physically stop me from accelerating the car does come to a stop quicker because I applied the brakes. it feels like fuel is no longer being fed to the engine but why? Any help would be massively appreciated cheers Alex car video.MOV