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  1. Is Humming Noise Normal

    I took it in, and at first they changed a wheel bearing, but that didn't solve it, and they were stumped, other than saying it must be just the tyre noise with the road. To be honest, over the last 18 months, I have just got used to it to the extent that I don't even notice it.
  2. Is Humming Noise Normal

    Thanks Mordey, I heard this from a google search, and so I might just book it back in for them to check out. I only picked it up from Dagenham Motors yesterday, and it is in warranty unless wheel bearings are not covered?
  3. Is Humming Noise Normal

    Thanks Willy, this has helped set my mind at rest a bit, as I don't want to look too stupid by taking back as if there is something wrong. If anyone else has any further input I would be grateful. Once I think it may be normal, it will probably stop annoying me .
  4. Is Humming Noise Normal

    Can you hear it once you get to a certain speed, and does it sound like a drone/hum (not a deep sound, but not too high pitched either)?
  5. Is Humming Noise Normal

    Thanks Willy, I'd already read that thread, and know that this is different as hers was audible when car was stationary, whereas mine is only when going over say 20. I didn't notice it on the test drive, and first noticed it when I got up to 60-70 when trying it out on the A40. Now I can hear it all the time. I suppose it could be described a drone as much as humming. It could even be a noise the tyres are making with the road, or just normal. It's just that as the car is much quieter than my previous Focus, or my wife's Zafira, I am probably hearing everything!.
  6. Is Humming Noise Normal

    Hi guys, Just bought a 62 Fiesta Zetec (1.25) with 10,000 on clock and picked it up yesterday. Drives nicely, but noticed that once I get over 20-30 I can hear a constant sort of humming sound, which I suspect is more annoying than worrying. It might even be normal, but just wondered if anyone had any views? Thanks, Scott.
  7. When it cuts out at low speed (i.e. when doing less than 15-20mph) then the lights all come on straight away, but the one time it lost power (seemed to get stuck initially) at 50mph I don't remember the lights coming on until it slowed right down in the hard shoulder (if that makes sense and memory serves), It drove home ok from the garage on Saturday, and I took it for a wash today with no issues, and so I am just waiting for the next time! Thanks Lee but I don't know if my answer helps?
  8. Hi Tony, just sent you a PM. Am collecting car this weekend, as Barclay drove it for 45 mins yesterday and nothing happened. They said there is not much more they can do Thanks, Scott.
  9. No worries Tony, of course I have no problem with a deposit on your equipment, and whatever your own expenses are etc. Anyway, let's see what the garage say (just in case they have found something), and I will let you know. Regards, Scott.
  10. Hi Tony, Yes, will potentially be very interested. I am due to call Barclay Autos this afternoon, as they said they would give it a drive at some stage over the last couple of days in case the fault comes up again while they have it. If nothing has been found, I will need to collect the car either tomorrow or Monday, and then it would make sense to at least try this. I will conatct you either this weekend or early next week, and let you know the latest. Thanks for the help so far. Scott.
  11. No, thanks all the same - appreciate your candour. I'll give one of those Bosch centres a call perhaps. As I say, i just want to get it in a position to be able to sell it unbroken (unless 100% confident in diagnosis and repair, in which case I would keep it), as I need a reliable car, and can't take a chance that it breaks down again. Any idea how orwhere I would sell it as it is, for the best price (assuming i can drive it there), and being upfront with the issues. I know this sounds really naive, but I couldn't sell it without making the buyer aware that there were intermittent problems, but wondering where they might be able to offer a fair price for something that isn't a write off! Thanks again Tony.
  12. Wase16ll, are you a mechanic then (i.e. you mention customers?), in that would you potentially be able to diagnose the fault if I brought the car to you? If not yourself, which garages specialise in diagnostics in the A40 corridor. I thought Barclays Autos were specialists, and certainly aren't running them down, as their main guy is perplexed by the whole thing.
  13. Thanks Guys, Wase16ll - seems like my best bet is to take it to a main Ford dealer I suppose, and they may check some of the things you say Mick 85 - I don't know what Mk mine is, all I know it is a 55 plate. When I had the initial coil fault (i.e, prior to most recent one being fitted) I was able to start engine immediately it cut out. Now, as you say, it just makes a noise as if trying to start but nothing happens until battery drains (until I got a new battery a few weeks ago). Sorry, I'm not much help with my own problem, and I appreciate all your efforts. I think at this stage I just want to try and sell it, but can't do so without fixing the problem so am in catch 22!
  14. Yes, when it has cut out recently at low or standing speed, I think the rev needle just drops (not sure about the speedo), but when it lost power on the motorway at 50mph, it initially just got stuck at that speed, and cut out as I pulled into the layby. Would the vehicle speed sensor cause it to stall, a not be able to start again? Anyway, I am due to get it back from the garage tomorrow if they still haven't found anything, and will book it into Dagenham Motors, Alperton, where I bought it from 8 years ago. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks, I am a complete novice about cars, and was under the impression that the RAC approved garage would be able to diagnose with as much chance of Ford. Do you think Ford could still sort it, even though the engine management light is not on any longer, and there appear to be no current diagnostic codes. I would gladly pay their initial diagnostics fees, but when you say 'live data' is this something that they would have a better chance of capturing then the garage I have already used? Once again I appreciate the feedback if any available.