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  1. Some People...

    It's looking unanamous, so a new door it is then. As far as my insurance, I'd rather not have to lose my no claims and get my insurance bumped up in price. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Some People...

    Yeh I was thinking it's going to have to be new door. I went around a few places today but alot of them are shut probably because of it being the holidays. Alot them said I need a new door aswell can't have anything these days. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Some People...

    Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Some People...

    So one evening I was out at the misses houses minding my own and then when I went to go home I find a great big dint in my passenger door! No one left any details or anything so now I have to folk out my own hard earned money for something I did not do! Anyway I could do with some advice please. Do I need a new door or do any of you reckon a panel beater could sort it out? And if I do need a new door then does anyone know where I can get one from? Cheers for your help.
  5. Fuel Gauge Problem

    Yeh I know I'm just saying it should be alot higher than 100 mile as an example, i'm not saying i only get 100 mile from a full tank that would crazy.
  6. Asian Grill / Sports Grill

    I have one of these too. It seems legit to me plenty of positive feedback, I just wish it was there when I bought mine. I paid £52 for mine...
  7. Fuel Gauge Problem

    yeh I've noticed that before my gauge went funny, but even when I fill it pretty much full it doesn't go over 100 mile mark.
  8. Fuel Gauge Problem

    So Iv'e started to notice that when I fill my car up now with petrol the needle on the petrol gauge is fine but the digital one is not in sync with it anymore. When my petrol goes down the digital gauge eventualy catches back up with it around the 45 mile mark. It's not major problem but still it is a problem non the less. Anyone know how to reset the digital gauge or what they would recommend I do, surley it can't be the sensor because the analog gauge is fine or am I wrong? I know for a fact I get over the 100 mile mark when just under half a tank of petrol is the car not 77... Ideas? Thanks
  9. Foot Wells And Plates Done

    Way ahead of you there pal, although like i sed mine are red ^_^
  10. Foot Wells And Plates Done

    And I went red because my car is red. Don't think blue would look right haha.
  11. Drl Opinions?

    Yes it's settled they're coming off. Iv'e decided they're abit over kill and take away from the look of the grill, halo's it is!
  12. My Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S Mk7 Thread

    Nice one cheers mate. I'll probably get the red one's to match the car and I have some black vinyl left over might try score out the fiesta logo and stick it on and see how that looks.
  13. My Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S Mk7 Thread

    The car is looking nice mate! Where did you buy the mud flaps? Been looking every where for some.
  14. Drl Opinions?

    No mate I have the Asian grill on mine and my mate managed to find me some brackets that just clips on to it. Yeh they're all tidy/level and sit pretty well. I see they're some mixed feelings on here but I am leaning more to what Cookie said with halo rings in the fogs. Haha part of the plan phil, you're going to want them to look good though I see your point but very limited on where to put them really. I may just sell them to my mate. I have the relay and every thing so it would just be a straight swap over.
  15. Wheel Gators

    I too am interested in this but wasn't too sure, yours look pretty decent. Where are they from?