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  1. Does anyone know what my creaking noise could be when driving.
  2. My car wouldn't open one day when went to it. I changed battery wasn't that, typical. I took to a security locksmith place. I only had one key so had to purchase one from them and they had to re program both keys hey presto sorted. If you have 2 keys they will just reprogram the keys for about 40.00. Apparently, if you have your keys near a mobile sometimes the frequency can make it go out of sync. Hope that helps. Karen
  3. Hi From M/cr.

    I've joined this forum today as I have recently bought my lovely mondeo titanium x 57 plate. Unfortunately, I have diagnostic prob that no one can seem to help me with. It says front light malfunction it would be much appreciated if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing it. I booked car in garage today but amazingly the message disappeared and my dash looked normal with no little dot on dashboard car but the beams of light like you should get and I got another one saying stop light bulb fail so I changed the stop light and now the front light message has come on again. Argh... So annoying. Please, please help...
  4. I have same message has yours been fixed, if so, what was the fault. It's driving me insane n would love to know what fault us. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know what this fault could be. Checked bulbs n not them we'll the ones in seem ok. Message went off when when brake light needed changing and everything seemed ok n little dot went away on dashboard too but has come back on when changed brake bulb. Trying to avoid taking to garage again as it has been once n don't know what it is. Please can anyone help.
  6. Mk4 Mondeo Headlight Warning Message

    Thanks so much for your reply. My error message is on constantly though and doesn't go off n lights look ok. just a nightmare as only had car few weeks. Just my luck. Thanks.
  7. Mk4 Mondeo Headlight Warning Message

    Just wondering did you find what problem was with your lights only I've got front light malfunction error message. Thanks.
  8. Please can anyone help as this is driving me mad. I have had a 'front light malfunction' error message on my display with a little yellow dot in middle of bonnet at front on the pic of car. Today I turned car on and it disappeared and display looked fine with the headlight beams showing on the little car in display so I thought it sorted itself out. Til I got another message stop light message appeared. I changed the stop light bulb and low and behold the other message has come back. Front light malfunction. Does anyone know what could be the problem. I have read the lights which are not xenon ones need levelling but I don't know. Please help. Karen