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  1. Mk7 Boot Open Warning Coming On

    hi, i went out and bought a new boot clasp, think it was something like 50 quid, not had any issues since. the interior plastic was a right pain and ive actually still left mine off to ensure that the issues were fully resolved, and they are. the only thing i would say is that i used brute force to pull off my panel and its got them funny metal (A shaped?) clips inside, and half of them are damaged and i dont know what they are called to replace them as i dont want the panel to become flappy and fall off either. it would be really helpful if someone could reply with what these are called and where is best to get replacement ones from
  2. thanks for this, i am infact having the same issue and i suspected it was the boot sensor in mine as i could see the interior light coming on and off at times, do you know if the boot sensor is inside the boot catch, or is it likely to be something seperate.
  3. silly question but where is rhe bonnet sensor thats linked to the alarm, as im also having alarm problems with my fiesta
  4. Mk7 Boot Open Warning Coming On

    i have this same problem, and also when parked its setting off my car alarm. did you manage to fit your problem after? i was thinking of getting my swapped out but didnt know where the switch was to check it
  5. hi, i've got three problems so far wit hthe boot of my fiesta (58 new shape), boot seems to slowly leak when we get bad weather and it pools in the spare wheel, all the fabric tends to get wet, i think it appears to be worse on the right hand side. ive done a search online and found this to be a common fault but no one really knows how or where this is happening from. Has anyone also experienced this?boot light has stopped working, changed bulb still doesnt work, could it be a fuse, does anyone know where the fuse would be for this as i couldnt see any reference to it in the hand book?alarm randomly goes off and ive noticed that when being at the car the inside light does also flash on and off, so figure there is a dodgy sensor, or switch. i did try looking around the edges hoping it would be a similar push switch like there are on the doors, but i couldnt see anything?please could some one help me, the alarm issue is more of a problem as its also annoying the neighbours and i need to try and get it fixed asap.