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  1. Might Be Buying Into Team Mondeo Soon....

    Matt let me know if your interested then. I will be putting it in the for sale bit of the forums soon , that's if it exists. I don't know if you can pm me as I don't want to take over someone else's forum for my own end.
  2. Might Be Buying Into Team Mondeo Soon....

    Its the green one. Although to be honest when I bought it the specs for green and red seemed almost identical, they just emphasize the power side for red and economy for green in the bumph about them. Did make a hell of a difference for everything though. It even lowered the speed I could use 6th gear on cruise control.
  3. Might Be Buying Into Team Mondeo Soon....

    Good choice I had a 2004 2.0 tdci lx for about 8 years. Loved it. Got rid of it last June to get newer model. I kept my DTUK tuning module so its for sale if your interested. It made a hell of a difference to my Mondeo. We got it because we bought a new caravan that weighed half a ton ( yes really ) more than our old one. It towed the new caravan better with the chip, than the old one without it. Mileage was constantly around the 50 mpg mark with a bit of a kick when you wanted it.