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  1. Abs Pump Replacement

    Hi 2006 Ka 1.3 needs 'new' ABS pump part no quoted by Ford is 4S61-2M110-EA Just wondering if anyone knows whether a part with exactly the same code is needed? (I am aware that Fiestas may have the same ABS pump and have tried contacting a breakers yard here in Bristol - no joy). This issue has been unresolved for several weeks now so I would be really grateful for definitive advice. Thanks
  2. Abs Pump - Exact Code Needed?

    Hi again Still not established whether exactly the same part number is needed.... if it doesn't have to be identical, letting me know compatible part codes would be great. The garages I've spoken to are unsure on that...
  3. Hi all, first time poster. Abs pump has gone on my 2006 Ka (1.3) - speedometer not working either... Ford have given me the following code for a replacement pump (after I provided VIN number): 4S61-2M110-EA Is it absolutely essential that the code is EXACTLY the same for a replacement part? (currently on E-Bay there a couple which have 'DA' at the end rather than 'EA'. Also, what would you say would be a reasonable price to pay for it, and also to have it installed by a garage? Thanks in advance for your help (I am clueless about cars, just want something to get from A to B cheaply!)