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  1. Hmm, ok, thanks for the advice James. Sounds like it might be wise to avoid shortcuts until i am more familiar with the engine, so i'll prob buy a flywheel locking tool and use some suitably sized drill bits as locking pins where applicable. Will let you know how it turns out :)
  2. Hello everyone; posted a while back about some engine rattling (turned out to be exhaust bracket) and got some useful advice. Thought i'd come back for some more thoughts on a maintenance question i have :) . I have been diagnosed with a worn oil pump. I thought i would have a go at swapping this out myself; got the new pump in hand and have so far removed sump, oil pickup, auxilliary drive belt, crankshaft pulley and cambelt covers. The question i have relates to how it is possible to maintain engine timing while removing the crankshaft sprocket which is also used to fix the crankshaft timing via a locking pin (drill bit). My Haynes manual makes an incredibly brief reference to locking the flyheel in the correct position for engine timing, which sounds sensible. However, the manual only discusses elswhere, the method of locking - locking the flywheel with a flywheel pin through the bell housing, while also saying that this cannot be used for engine timing purposes. This seemed a little ambiguous to me. The question i have is - how can i maintain engine timing if i cannot lock the flywheel with this 'non-timing' pin? Do i need to go so far as removing the starter motor and using a special tool to lock flywheel in correct timing or....(and this maybe a little risky).. can i do something a little simpler and mark the timing belt, fuel pump, crankshaft and camshaft sprockets with typex (is there a risk that residual engine pressure or camshaft forces will move engine parts dangerously if they are not secured? ...and i thought i could just pop the bonnet, undo a couple of bolts and be done by lunch... :D Thanks in advance :)
  3. ok, so this problem was a while back, but it was finally solved and just getting round to marking 'solved' - turned out that it was nothing to do with the internal mechanics of the engine; an old bracket that connects the exhaust to the underside of the engine (transmission housing i think) was rusted and snapped. Rattling was due to these bracket parts clattering against one another and the garage just welded it back. It was just funny that it only occurred in a certain RPM range though. Thanks for the thoughts and feedback though guys - quite happy the solution turned out as simple as it did though :)
  4. Yeah, that makes sense, i think it is coming from 'inside' the engine rather than an external loose part, but will get some help from someone while i put my head in the engine bay to confirm this. looks like it'll be going back to the dealership soon though. Cheers!
  5. This definitely sounds like an issue with computers on wheels! :D but, thanks for the tip; not something i could deal with myself i guess, but will ask about this when i manage to get back to the dealership. Thanks :)
  6. Hello all, i'm new on this forum; just wanted to share a problem i was having with my focus and check to see if there was anyone who had encountered anything similar or might recognise the problem? So, the basic context: - i bought a 2005 ford focus 1.6tdci a couple of months ago with 130000miles on it. I soon realised that there was an oil/diesel leak around the injectors. took it back to the dealership, which spent quite some time removing various seals around the injectors, rocker cover and others. i'm told they spent some time over a few days digging around to find the source of the leak, but in any case, they found it to be an oil leak and fixed it (i've already asked them for a breakdown of the work and am waiting). However after leaving the garage, i found a new problem that i did not have before... The problem: - since the work was completed i have found that in any gear, from idle - 1200rpm, if the engine is under any load at all, it makes a clattering rattling sound that can be quite loud. the performance of the car doesn't seem to be affected, but it is quite loud and just doesn't sound healthy. The best way i can describe the sound, and this might seem silly, but if you imagine an unbalanced load in a washing machine in the spin cycle, and you put an oven tin on top of it so it jumps around - that is the chattering, clattering, rattling noise that the engine makes. Over 1200rpm, the sound dies off and the engine sounds normal and healthy. Any thoughts about this one? In all likelihood, i'll end up taking the long drive back, but just thought i'd check here to see if someone might be familiar and point me to a loose bolt (maybe dreaming here). Anyway, cheers, Billy.