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  1. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    A rear-view camera would have saved me a scratch on my bumper from a 2" high concrete wall... I can't say I like the look of the Sony unit... far to shiny next to the lovely soft-touch dash, HOWEVER; if it actually works and doesn't hang/freeze/skip/jump/read ID3V3 tags/play random tracks in an actual random order then it'd be a vast improvement over the standard Ford one.
  2. Luck In Upgrading Stereo Software

    If Bluetooth as a protocol is made up of lots of different specifications, A2DP is the specification that describes the transfer of audio over Bluetooth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth_profile#Advanced_Audio_Distribution_Profile_.28A2DP.29 I may have to go and have a word with the dealers then.
  3. I'm planning on getting a phone with A2DP music streaming over bluetooth soon, but only have the original software in my Fiesta (I do have the BT/USB/Voice upgrade though). Has anyone had any luck in getting their dealer to upgrade the software to the newer version that supports A2DP? (Is it even possible? Does the newer one fix some of the horrendous bugs the first version has?)
  4. First Service By Ford Dealer

    Just had a courtesy call from Inchcape. I said I thought it was very expensive and had seen other quotes around the £150 mark and was told flat out that "That is the standard price for that service". After that you could tell he just wanted me off the phone.
  5. First Service By Ford Dealer

    I wonder if that £110 ties up with the first number I quoted?
  6. So I took my Fiesta for it's first service today, and the bill came back at £220. I paid obviously but that seems quite steep isn't it? The dealer gave me a "free" valet with that (even though I'd only washed it on Wednesday!), a "free" Ford/AA road map and a 15% off the next service voucher. I was kind of hoping it would be £150! 12,500 service: 111.86 Env. Disposal: 7.50 Filter - Odour - 13.93 Filter Assy - 5.27 Plug - Oil Drain - 5.97 Shell Helix Oil - 42.57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lesson learnt there... fill it up before you go with a £10 bottle from Halfords!) VAT - 32.74 They also did the recall whilst they were there but I'm assuming that's under the warranty.
  7. Here in Bracknell I've got about an inch on the roof of the house. Car doesn't look too badly covered (yet!)
  8. New fiesta niggles....

    Petrol Cap is sticking when I press it in. Usually pops out about 5-10 seconds later though (until tonight when it was a little bit frozen and I had to lever it open). That's my only mechanical fault (touch wood) so far in 9 months. However the radio: MP3 skipping issues (bleugh) Hangs whilst turning on, requiring a turn off/turn on again of the button. (annoying!) I get the feeling the software in it wasn't quite ready when the car was released, so they just pushed it out anyway.
  9. mp3 cd skips & Usb fitting

    It usually starts skipping around songs beginning with M->T, so yeah, towards the end of the CD. Wild theory... I wonder if because the disc has to spin faster near the edges because it has to go further, the MP3 decoder can't always keep up? That of course implies that the MP3 player streams the songs directly off the disc, and doesn't load them into memory first. It's definitely like there is some sort of buffering issue.
  10. Fiesta MP3 Genius Required!

    It's all about how the filename's are stored in the Compact Disc's filesystem. ISO 9660 is the standard (it supports two iterations of the standard), and Joliet or Romeo are extensions to the standard. Basically it means that the CD Player can pretty much read the files that most computers will save them as. Multi-session is for when burning the CD's. Some players require the disc to be "finalised" before being able to read it, whereas others can read it still open, and therefore you can add more to the disc at a later date.
  11. Nokia Series 60 based phones can download an app from here: http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.com/ It displays the directions on the screen as icons as far as I can tell.
  12. MPG

    Hey all, just wanted to share an achievement from tonight. I managed above 50MPG in my 1.6TiVCT :D Shell V-Power petrol ~5 miles urban driving ~55 miles Motorway (70MPH - Cruise Control - Air Con OFF) ~5 miles urban driving I reset the computer after filling up. The picture shows the end result!
  13. Miles when Full - What does the computer say

    Usually in the 310-330 range :)
  14. Whats different?

    Mine came out the garage about the skipping with a "don't know, try asking on some forums". They also suggested burning it with a different drive, after I'd told them I'd eliminated different bitrates/CBR/VBR/different discs. I tried asking them if the unit was upgradable and if they could fix it in software which got rather blank stares.
  15. New Fiesta - which petrol engine?

    The trip computer reported 50MPG on a 70MPH Cruise Control trip down the M3 the other day. Round town it's more like 43.