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  1. Fuel In Oil Warning Lamp

    I've just had the same diesel in oil light come on. Did an oil and filter change and the light stayed on so when it went for MOT today I told them the light was on. They told me that this is a service reminder light and that there is NOT a sensor in the sump for diesel in the oil. The light can be extinguished as stated above but I would advise that you have the Annual service carried out or do it yourself.
  2. New Member

    Hello Nick, welcome to the club and I hope the Fiesta gives you plenty of enjoyable trouble free miles. Ade.
  3. Hello all, went out yesterday to do an interim oil change on my 61 plate 1.4tdci Fiesta. On removing the engine cover I found two things, 1) a disconnected vacuum pipe that I reconnected resulting in a smoother running engine and noticeably better MPG. 2) a little plate just forward of the cat/dpf and on it, clipped neatly one above the other, the two halves of the lambda sensor cable plug. The car is not throwing up any problems and this plate with the disconnected ends of the plug appears to be original fit. But why fit a sensor and not connect it ?. Can anyone throw more lighton this one before I go back to the dealer and ask. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've learnt this lesson the hard way, so I say avoid the cheap copy alternatives on Ebay etc and buy one from a good quality manufacturer at the best price you can find. Lots of excellent parts suppliers on Ebay,Amazonetc ( like Victoria auto parts) that offer quality parts at the right prices.
  5. Hello

    Hello all, I have just returned to the "Blue Oval" after a 10 year break, having had a 1.8 TD Sierra I have just purchased a 61 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCi, I also own a 2002 MG ZR160 that my wife uses. I am an aircraft engineer with an interest in anything to do with cars, I work on cars for friends and family as a hobby.