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  1. My EGR is fully functional and I get 50mpg consistently, and I drive pretty hard. Blanking it will only make your emissions worse.
  2. That could be it. I have no idea what that is, so I can't help. I'd research it a bit more if I were you.
  3. Ok, so that's a bit harder to diagnose. Are there any other problems? Is it using a lot of diesel or oil? Is it low on power when driving along? Does everything sound normal when it's turning over but not starting?
  4. There's a couple of things it could be. Glow plugs, fuelling, fuel pump. Although if you can bump start it, I'm inclined to think it's the glow plugs.
  5. That's the 1.8 TDCI Lynx Diesel. The TDDI was made until 2002, I believe, and they didn't make a variant in the Ford Focus with 115hp. Regarding the problem, give it a service, and put a new battery in it. I've just put a Bosch battery in mine. About £70 delivered to the front door. Blanking the EGR valve will do nothing to help. It doesn't sound like an EGR problem. I've been driving the older, dirtier version of your engine, and the EGR hasn't caused any problems. Use good diesel (I always use BP Ultimate) and it won't even smoke after start up.
  6. Yeah. I don't really use the boot anyway, so it makes little difference. But the button unlocks it anyway.
  7. Have you done it? Also can anybody tell me if it says in the Haynes manual how to dismantle the door handles from the door? I had one of those manuals, but I lost it, and I don't want to buy another one unless it explains that in it. I'm sure it's straightforward anyway, but I've had a bit of trouble finding information on how to do it online.
  8. It is extremely unlikely, but the Driver's door lock stopped working a while ago, and I had been using the passenger door in ignorance of the possibility that it might go the same way. The key works in the ignition. It never worked in the boot for as long as I've had it. I've had another key cut, and it doesn't work either. The key turns in the locks, but doesn't turn far enough to unlock the doors (i.e. key and lock worn so they don't engage properly). The locks do work. They lock and unlock. The key will still unlock them with 20 minutes of jiggling the key around inside the lock. But I don't really fancy jiggling the key around for even as much as 2 minutes every time I want to get into my car. I might just phone Ford tomorrow and order a lock set. The fella says they're £120 for 5 locks and 2 keys.
  9. I've had mine nearly a year. It's just rolled over to 161,000. No mechanical problems at all. MOT'd a couple of weeks ago and failed on a dodgy handbrake. Replaced the cable and it sailed through. It's not without its problems. The heater resistor pack blew last week, and I also managed to break the fan direction control. The key won't unlock the doors anymore, so it's a strict "Don't lock the doors" policy right now. It could do with a !Removed! good service, but other than a minor service, and a set of tyres, I've done nothing to the car for a year, and it hasn't let me down yet. There is work that I'd like to do on the car, but I haven't got the money for it. But as far as I'm concerned, it's a good driver. I really like driving it.
  10. No that's really not the problem. The key has stopped unlocking the car altogether. I thought I could maybe make do with RCL if I could get a remote fob and code it for cheap. I don't see how the microswitch will stop the actual lock from turning?
  11. Gents; The locks on my Focus stopped working this week. The Driver's side lock stopped opening a few weeks ago, and the passenger's side one stopped working on Wednesday. A freshly cut key did very little to fix the problem, which makes me think there's more to it than just a worn key/lock. Anyway, in the meantime, it would be great if I could just buy a key fob and programme it for remote central locking. Here's the problem - I don't know if the car has ever had RCL. As far as I know, it hasn't. Can a Mk1 Focus that's never had RCL still receive a remote signal? Was the technology built into every car, but not used on all of them? It would be a great help right now if anyone could tell me. I'm back to work on Monday, and I really don't want to have to leave my car at work overnight again. TL;DR - Can a Focus without RCL still accept/be programmed with a RCL key?
  12. Yes, that would certainly fix it, but it would only really be hiding a much larger problem. I'd much rather get the turbo sorted, then sort out the intercooler pipes.
  13. True, but I don't know anyone who auto-renews. It seems like the most stupid thing, to me. A company never has your interests at heart, they always want a profit at your expense. To "trust" them to give you a good deal without asking for it is like hoping your passport arrives in the post some day, even though you haven't applied for one.
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