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  1. Using Lots Of Oil.

    I assume so as was serviced at Ford main dealer. 5/30 semi synthetic.
  2. Using Lots Of Oil.

    Can't see any oil under the car and like you say it's going somewhere. Will have to book into garage. Could be expensive then?
  3. Using Lots Of Oil.

    Hello, Got a 2007 Focus 1.8 petrol that is using at least 1 ltr of oil every 1000 miles. Has 44K miles on clock and has been service to schedule. No sign of any oil leaking from engine. No sign of burning oil from exhaust. No sign of oil in water. I check it every 2 to 3 weeks and it goes from full to a completley dry dip stick in that time. Any ideas?
  4. Steering Issue.

    Bit of a strange one, when I start my focus after about 30 seconds there is a loud thud noise, not sure if it's from the steering or brakes. I do get intermittent vibration from the steering wheel at different speeds but not all the time. Had 4 new tyres but was doing this before tyre change.
  5. Focus Mk2 Wiper Blades

    In case anybody is interested managed to get a set of front wiper blades for £9.98 from eBay. Seem OK and a lot cheaper than the Bosch/Ford price of circa £40. Link below. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FORD-FOCUS-MK2-04-ON-AERO-FLAT-WINDSCREEN-WIPER-BLADES-/320580726517?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aa419aef5
  6. Water In Spark Plug Holes

    Just a little note, I had a water leaking from what I thought were the washer jets but turned out to be the plastic T connector that joins the rubber pipes for the jets. Changed both jets and both plastic connectors to make sure, not very expensive. Revised washer jets £2.54 Plastic connectors £2.30 & 79p Both from Ford main dealer.
  7. Mpg Getting Lower And Lower.

    I have noticed over the past 2 months that the MPG on my 2007 1.8 petrol manual focus has been dropping on a weekly basis. Was getting about 36mpg, then dropped to 34mpg now only getting about 30mpg. Same journey every day, dual carriage way keeping well within the national speed limit. Any ideas why this would suddenly happen?
  8. Steering Issue.

    I have a strange intermittent steering issue on my 2007 Focus. Sometimes when turning left slowly (e.g. turning into a side street) there is a feeling through the steering wheel like driving over a large stone with the left tyre. The steering wheel also feels like it briefly pulls to the left. I do sometimes get judder on steering wheel when driving on main roads at 60 to 65 mph but not all the time. Steering also not to good in the wet even with 5mm of tread still on tyres, don’t always feel in full control of the car. Any body else had any of the above?
  9. Water Dripping From Underside.

    Hi, My 2007 focus has what I think is water dripping from the front of the car on the drivers side, just under the front bumper. Is this likely to be condensation from the air con ? Have water dripping from the usual place after the air con has been on but not noticed it dripping from this other area before.
  10. Condensation In Rear Light Cluster

    Getting condensation build up in rear light cluster of 2007 Focus. Anybody else have this ? Don't know if this is supposed to happen ?
  11. Grinding Brakes

    My Focus has been making a grinding noise from the front brakes for a few weeks now. Had it service today and had brakes checked and they found nothing wrong but still have the same noise. Pads only 40% worn. Any ideas ?
  12. Brake change.

    Cheers everyone, rear brakes not got stuck since the snow has gone. Due to be ripped off for a service in 2k miles at main dealer, hopefully they will check the brakes !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Brake change.

    Does anybody know what intervals the brake pads/disks should be replaced (Focus 1.8 petrol, front disks, rear drums). Think it may be the weather but the rear brakes were stuck on today and front making grinding noise.
  14. Fuse box cover.

    Thanks for reply. It would seem the carpet is missing from mine, thought it looked a bit odd. No doubt Ford will charge a ridiculous amount for this.
  15. Fuse box cover.