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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can mo...

  2. Ford Assistance And Annual Service

    Ford are offering, and have been most of the year, a free renewal for 12 months if you have your car serviced by a particpating dealer - here's the link: My link
  3. hi All. Just a cautionary tale regarding the Ford Assistance renewal offer when a participating Ford dealer does your car's annual service. My Fiesta was serviced at the end of April. During May & June I kept getting letters from the AA inviting me to sign up as my Ford Assistance had expired. Odd I thought as the FA offer was in place so thought it was just opportunism on the part of the AA. Few weeks back whilst sorting out things for our hols in France I thought I would check with Ford Assistance on the level of cover in Europe. It turned out their records showed my cover had expired on the car's 1st birthday. I was referred back to the dealer. The dealer said "did you ask for this offer when booking in the service?". I replied "no, as nowhere on the website did it say I had to request it". The dealer said "trouble with Ford is they have so many offers on we can't keep up". Evenutally I managed to talk to the "Admin Lady" (sic) and after some time she successfully got my cover extended for another year and I got written confirmation. So - beware! My advice would be to ask for everything and don't assume anything.
  4. Ipod Touch Ios 4

    UPDATE: All is wworking fine now. The problem may have been my iPhone 4 not syncing properly as the iTunes library file was "damaged". I restored this from a back up, resynced the phone, plugged it into the car and all works fine :)
  5. Ipod Touch Ios 4

    I'm getting problems using my iPhone 4 via the USB cable. Ikeep getting the "no tracks on iPod" message. Think a firmware upgrade for the ICE is needed.... but how??
  6. First Service By Ford Dealer

    My Fiesta is in for it's first service today at Allen Ford in Upminster. £129 all in. I was asked if I wanted the AC checked and a deodouriser added for £29.99 - no odour so no thanks I was also asked if I wanted some super duper oil for £15 but again said no. Apparently the service charge also includes one years additional Ford Assistance which is worth a few quid.
  7. our Jack Russell pup - 6 months old - fits in okay with the seats up. You might want to look at one of these cages ; pets cages
  8. do you live here ??

    oh B#gger - I live in RM11 and work in RM7!!
  9. Members Rides

    Here's my Titi Squeeze :o
  10. MK7 Keyless entry door buttons.

    i know - makes no sense really
  11. MK7 Keyless entry door buttons.

    on the 4 door only the front buttons work and these are black. The rear door buttons are body coloured - not sure why they are there being as they do nowt!
  12. New Fiesta owner's manual (PDF)

    cheers - just what I needed since I can't find my actual manual!
  13. Mountune insurance

    It's not me! I'm the Tit in Squeeze in Upminster (!) :P Saw the white Mountune yesterday - looks good. Wonder if the driver will show up on here.....??
  14. Keyless Entry and Start

    hi Barnsey I've had my Fiesta with keyless for a couple of months now so I'll try and answer your questions plus say a bit more about how it works: The car senses the location of the keyfob. If it senses it is about 1 to 2m away you can open the front doors by pressing the small black button on the door handle. If you just want to open the tailgate to load some shopping then just open it by hand using the recessed handle - the doors remain locked though - close the tailgate and it automatically relocks itself. All this works with the keyfob inside a bag (including my Manbag!) a jacket pocket etc - no need to take it out and wave it about!! Once in the car to start the engine press the clutch down and press the Power button on the dash until the engine fires. To switch on the dash, power the electric windows etc without firing up the engine don't press down the clutch pedal, just press the Power button. If the keyfob is outside the car, even if just outside then the engine won't start. When you get out of the car as long as the key is also outside the car and within it's sensor range (1 to 2m) then you double lock the doors and tailgate by pressing the black button on the door handle twice within 3 seconds. If you leave the key inside the car or the boot then it won't lock. If you leave the car unlocked after about a minute it automatically locks itself unless it senses the keyfob inside the car. The back up is a key inside the fob which is quite easy to extract and use. The keyfob also has the usual lock/unlock buttons for remote locking - although I've never used them. All in all the system is very good and very convenient. I wouldn't want to go back to more traditional key and remote systems. I wish the front door to our hose was simialr equipped then I'd never need to get my keys out. Hope this helps regards Andy
  15. Why no X?

    I bought the X badge from Halfords and aded it. Not just leather seats for the extra grand!