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  1. Bluetooth module help

    Yes Mine was £65 incl post but that was a couple of years ago, but I would check whats fitted first.
  2. Mondeo glovebox light

    Do what i did and stick a led strip along the inside top of the glovebox, you cant see the strip but it illuminayes the whole box
  3. 2010 TitXSport Bluetooth query!

    Just a reminder, You need a version N or later for streaming.
  4. 2010 TitXSport Bluetooth query!

    You will probably find you have a 8M5T-19G488-AP Module , this needs to be changed to a 8M5T-19C112-Ax Module which includes USB , Mine happened to be a version P in both cases and was a straight plug and play swap, plus you will need a micro to usb socket which can be left loose or fixed in the glove box depending on how far you want to go, mine was fixed rh side as ford standard for that year, these are available on fleabay mine was £65 and from a fiesta so not model dependant. and fully controlled from steering wheel buttons.
  5. 2010 TitXSport Bluetooth query!

    You need to remove glovebox to see what model Bluetooth module you have, you need a version N or later to have streaming, also decide if you want USB, for me it was straight swap for a usb model with the Sony 6cd Dab H/U, the last 2 numbers on the module are A= English and last number is version. personally I would go for the usb unit which I use a 64gb stick permanently in and never bother with streaming because my phone is also used as satnav, with usb tracks are shown on convers+ and also Sony H/U. to see module after removing glovebox, lie on your back thru passenger door and look up above where glovebox was with eyes facing rear of car, module fixed one screw in centre.
  6. Bluetooth module help

    Yes you need a 8M5T-19c112-AN or later version Module for streaming and includes USB, You probably have the 8M5T-19G488-Ax fitted, It was was a straight swap plug and play for me , You need to remove the glovebox and the Bluetooth module is above the glovebox facing towards the rear meaning laying on your back thru the passenger door and looking upwards under dash, its fixed with one screw. Note: the last two numbers are A=English and N=Version
  7. Faulty Air Con

    Its the purple wire.
  8. Faulty Air Con

    It would appear that you have break between the fan and the control manual, apparently it mostly happens adjacent to the gearbox but can be also be corroded conections, the control cable runs between the fan and the control module which seems to be under the nearside wheel arch, I cannot verify this as my engine fan came on after about 15 mins idling and consequently regass cured it, so didn't have to go that far. also bear in mind mine is petrol engine so may get hotter quicker than diesel.
  9. Faulty Air Con

    The engine fan should run before the a/c will start, a common fault is a break in the control wire to the fan, to check this after doing a run leave the engine idling when stationary to increase temp, if fan cuts in then this feed is ok, if not then possible break in wire to module.
  10. USB query

    The label will say with USB if it has it, although the older modules have a USB port it is a service port only. so if it doesn't say USB on the label, then it doesn't have it. Cannot read the module number on your photos but the old module wthout usb is 8M5T-19G488-AX and the newer module with USB is8M5T-19C112-AX The last number X being the issue , if you want streaming from phone then it needs to be issue N or later.
  11. That is totally incorrect information,, the usb port on the 8M5T-19G48-Ax module is a service port only and not USB, You need a 8M5T-19C112-Ax (USB version) for USB use and the unit is marked on the label "with USB" the last digit signifies version and you need vers N or later for streaming from phone, in my case it was a straight swap for use with Sony 6cd dab unit plus a cheapy usb lead and nothing else.
  12. Autowiper

    Their is specific position on the stalk for Autowipe along with normal and high speed, in autowipe wipers varies speed dependant on rain and possibly speed
  13. I believe the max depending on existing version is v1007 and as far as I am aware it just gives a little squiggle on the display to give scrolling thru Avg mpg. Instant mpg, avg speed. miles to empty, etc via the LH ok button on steering wheel, you will probably get more accurate info if you give your existing version number.