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  1. Had a petrol 150 PS for 18 months I am currently averaging 33mpg, mainly short trips around town, if I do a long journey and reset the trip I get around 45 to 50 mpg, depends how heavy my foot us, no where near the manufacturers figures, as we all probably know anyway.
  2. Buckled Alloy Wheels

    Totally agree, watchdog rang me last year re this problem and asked me if i thought this could be a safety concern, told them i thought this would depend on how fast you were going when the wheel decided to buckle and how quick the tyre deflated as a result of the buckle, re your comment "life threatening" I just wonder how many accidents have happened as a result of these wheels buckling?....One thing is for sure the rate at which these wheels buckle is not normal, i have also had conversations with Ford Mechanics in the past who have said they change a large amount of these wheels for buckling !
  3. Cheapest 2011 New Focus Ztec...

    Wow...let me know where ill have several for £1506.00....lol.....if we are talking Zetec, D.T.D have it for £14166, you have seen one more than me then, live in the portsmouth area and not seen one on the road yet
  4. Cheapest 2011 New Focus Ztec...

    If its true about the sales figures for this new Focus then it will not be long before you can get this brand new at this sort of price or very near it.!
  5. Cheapest 2011 New Focus Ztec...

    that was a quick price rise £12990 to £13790 and it has done another 3000 miles in 2 hours wow that is motoring some.........lol
  6. Whatcar Recommended Fiesta??

    Probably not but dont want to get into MOT's and the 3 year warranty expires
  7. Currently I have a fiesta 1.6 tdci that is coming up to 3 years old, so time to change; I do not do the mileage to justify a tdci. Whatcar recommends the 1.25 . 82ps zetec, anybody got any thoughts about whether they are correct to make that model the best buy?
  8. Squeaky Door Mirrors

    Typical Ford response,I used to work for a company that made vehicle mirrors and the likes of Toyota and Nissan used to bounce the mirrors back under warranty, when the power fold mirrors started to squeak and grone.
  9. Buckled 16" Alloys!!!

    Not sure about Mondeo or KA, but a fitter did tell me that they change a lot of alloys on the Focus as well, Due to the spread coming up in the survey it could also be problems with a particular batch when Ford have these wheels manufactured or they could be using more than one manufacturer and one of them has a problem with their process, bit difficult to prove when not all seem to fail.....Need to give a failed one to an engineering department at a University as a project for the students to do a study on.Im one of the lucky ones not had a buckled wheel as yet, fingers crossed...
  10. Deal Drivers

    Hi, was also looking at the £500 finance deal, when you paid it off early did they charge you extra for paying it early, if so was it still woth it.....cheers
  11. Deal Drivers

    Have a look at drivethedeal.com as well...
  12. Deal Drivers

    Agree with igglepiggle, have used them before to purchase a Ford, they got the dealer to ring me and all money was between me and the dealer, the dealer was in the midlands and i am on the south coast, they delivered the vehicle on a trailer, no problems at all, would use again......
  13. Fiesta Face Lift

    Snap in the posting below,Picked it up from a posting by "TheWizardWeb" on autocar re the B- Max, his post copied below Re: Ford unveils B-Max baby MPV Mar 01, 2011 12:36 PM So I take it the Fiesta facelift in September will look like this too...? It's about due, they have to put the daytime lights on the Fiesta and the dash is looking tired on it as well, so that could do with a spruce up.
  14. Fiesta Face Lift

    Have seen one report online that the Fiesta facelift is due in September 2011, can anybody confirm if this is accurate, if so is there any sign of what they are going to do.......cheers
  15. 2011 Focus Sport (Old Model)

    cheers for the response