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  1. Thank for the reply - thinking it will be a trip back to the garage next week. It's been a couple of months, and the warranty doesn't include "clutch when at end of life due to mileage or age, or burnt out"... The first two are definitely not the case, but the last statement doesn't seem very specific! *fingers crossed*
  2. Hi Folks... first post here! I got a 2008 1.8 TDCi Focus about a month ago - 40k on the clock. It's recently developed a squeaking noise when pulling away quickly in 1st gear - from under the bonnet. I can make the same sound happen if I slowly raise the clutch with the handbrake on, just passed the biting point. Doesn't sound like good news, and it's getting worse - any ideas? I'm thinking DMF or Clutch, though it seems a bit young for both. Similarly, would it be the DMF if the noise happens when lifting the clutch with the handbrake on? Any ideas appreciated! :) Edit: Just to clarify, no clutch slip to report, either.