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  1. Focus 2003 Idling High

    I have now bought and fitted with consumate ease a new vacuum hose.Reckon I saved myself a few quid in the process.Its a nice feeling to think you've got one over on the garage. Thanks to all who replied.
  2. Focus 2003 Idling High

    Thanks for replying. Just found the problem is a 1 inch split in the 't' shape vacuum hose on the front of the engine.Does anyone know the part number for this hose so I can get a new one.Is it possible to fit without removing any other bits?
  3. Focus 2003 Idling High

    MY 1.4 focus (84k on clock) is idling high when stationary at 1500rpm, what could be the cause. I have looked for splits and tears in the leads that are visible and all seem fine, the throttle seems to be seated ok. My neighbour has done diagnostic test and nothing comes up . Please when replying use the full names of the parts as I am not very conversant with the workings of a car although my neighbour is trying to find the fault with me and he knows a little more. I am new to forum so thank you for replies.