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  1. 1.6 Tdci Mpg

    Overall average of around 57 combined, but I don't do a lot of miles so an hour on the motorway at 60-65mph can nudge it up towards 62ish. I've had 68 at best, but that was after slipstreaming a truck at 55 down the M4 for about an hour.. not exactly realistic driving conditions. I'm mostly pottering around town, to the shops and back etc, so the engine is often cold which doesn't help. It'll be interesting to see how the warmer weather affects the economy as I've only had the car since November. Driving wise, I always try and pull away in 2nd then change straight to 4th... I've started adding 2-stroke oil in with the fuel, about 300ml per full tank. My friend has a 2.0 Mondeo Zetec and he said this made a noticeable difference in his car (doing mostly motorway miles). I've found that it makes the engine run a little smoother and the fuel efficiency has improved a little. It costs about £5 per litre from Wilko's or Asda so I think it's worth a punt. If it increases the life expectancy of the engine then I'll be happy as I intend to keep this one for a long while! I'm hoping to get it remapped sometime in the next 12 months, and having read mikeywalker1967's point about an air filter, I think I might consider some other minor engine upgrades to try and make it as efficient as possible - of course the cost of the upgrades will far exceed any financial return from increased fuel economy but who cares ;)
  2. I should also point out that although I've browsed a lot of forums, I haven't got a great deal of experience posting in them so I will gladly take any constructive criticism any offers!
  3. Hi, just thought I should quickly say who I am and why I signed up... I'm Dan, got a 2006 Fiesta MK6 back in November after my 1995 Nissan Micra rusted itself to death :( I have known I wanted a 1.6 TDCi facelift Fiesta for a couple of years; I like to do my research!! They look sexy, they have some poke and are cheap to run. It's also nice to have some mod-cons after driving a mid-90's Japanese hatchback for years. I found a low-mileage (31K) example so I thought it was time to take the plunge! I'm not massively mechanically minded but I don't mind trying my hand at some things. My theory is, if it can be easily undone then I'm happy to have a go. I have used a few different forums for car help over the years and so I figured it was time to get involved and become more of a community member than an anonymous leech :) That's probably more than enough info for an introduction, so yeah, hello everyone!