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  1. Just Bought One

    Happy motoring...! B)
  2. Rear Clusters

    has anyone tried other rear lights, Fiesta ones..???
  3. Fusion 1.4 Tdci Remap Chip From Ebay

    Nice tip, thanks... B)
  4. Tdci Lowering Springs

    looks good!
  5. Tdci Lowering Springs

    not too much, about 25mm, plan is to fit 16" wheels, but 17" look better... oh the joys of ford ownership!
  6. Tdci Lowering Springs

    Cheers for the reply, thanks. B)
  7. Tdci Lowering Springs

    Evening all. We get our 09 Fusion this week, in the 1.4tdci version, which should take me to work with no problems, there are a couple of things I'd like to change.. Firstly the ride hight is a little too 4x4 for me, so would like to bring it down to earth a touch, I've been told that MK6 Fiesta springs are the same, but I'm not sure, is there someone here that knows having fitted them to their Fusion.. All the best and thanks Nick!