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  1. Happy Birthday vinnie1955!

  2. Ka Electrical Problems?

    We forget that car electrics are only 12volts. The slightest resistance will prevent current flow. Use an aerosol electrical contact cleaner on any joints in the wiring. Also clean the battery terminals with the square edge of a screwdriver, scrape all the gunk off till they shine. Also the clamps. Smear Vaseline on top after you have refitted them. Check out any earth cables screwed down to the bodywork and clean them. use a small file or emery cloth (girlfriends nail file is good) .The earth cables are generally coloured black and attached with ring crimps
  3. I would like to fit gas shocks and nylon suspension bushes, also a front strut brace. Where can I get this stuff ? Thanks
  4. Spark Plug Alternatives

    Not sure how NZ dollars exchange to Sterling but NGK plugs are about 10 pounds each here in GB. My experience over many years having built high performance engines is that NGK are the best choice.
  5. Lack Of Power Sportka

    This may be a faulty pre exhaust lamba sensor, but I would also change plugs and filter first. Always use NGK plugs.
  6. Streetka Brake Upgrades

    The StreetKa has a relatively short wheelbase. Stronger brakes may cause the front wheels to lock up. Also there may be an issue with matching the larger brake disc diameter to the ABS. I would fit steel brake hoses for a firmer feel at the pedal.