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  1. 4300K Hid Vs Halogen

    Cancel my post as i asked a question then found the answer so it was pointless being in there Sent from my finger using my iPhone
  2. What Do We All Work At

    Some action vehicles from one of the films I worked on. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. What Do We All Work At

    Yep all the time and speak to them as well. And other times I'm bored off my #%^# at night coning off parking bays for the tech vehicles. Can any staff please remove these pics please Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. This has got so bad at multi story asda car park in gravesend that they have started putting barriers and bollards to stop them using it as their own personal version of the fast and furious Tokyo drift. It's only 1 storey but has 2 ramps and islands in the middle so it's basically a mini race track. Seems to have done the trick as they won't sit out in the open air part of the car park. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. What Do We All Work At

    I work as a security guard on film locations and sets. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. 4300K Hid Vs Halogen

    Cancel this post please
  7. Xtec H15 Bulb Super White Upgrade Kit

    Got the h15 bulbs above and they look pretty good. I tried them with one original and 1 new for comparison and they look a lot whiter. The price is the only off putting thing about them. Mark
  8. Fez S Brake Caliper Rust

    My fez s 13 is around 18 months old and has got a few rust patches on the calipers as well as the disc. Is this normal or should intake it to ford under the warranty. Mark
  9. Hi Was wondering where I can get some blue trim to go around the grill on my mk 7.5 zetec s Also looking for blue ambient kit for the door pockets handles and glove box. And if anyone knows how to change the cup holder bulbs that would be great. Cheers Mark
  10. Dmb Overlays. What Size?

    I went for blue on black background all round. Mark
  11. Dmb Overlays. What Size?

    £11 for the 55mm wheel centres and £3 for the steering wheel badge. Mark
  12. Dmb Overlays. What Size?

    Yep ordered them and the prices I will find out Mark
  13. Reversing Sensor Display

    Is yours the titanium model? Mark
  14. Reversing Sensor Display

    So do you know if there's an update that can be done to show the car range when reversing? Mark
  15. Reversing Sensor Display

    Yep got rear reversing sensors. It's a 2013 born on 1 may. What year is yours? Mark