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  1. is not happy about all this manifold business! Harry'll be going in for scrap at this rate!

  2. Okay guys (and girls), Iiiiiiiii'm in desperate need of a new exhaust manifold. I haven't been on the forum for ages, mainly cos i've been spending all my time whizzing around in my Ka... Until disaster strikes! On monday morning, i heard what i thought was a subaru engine near my car while i was parking it - turns out that it was my little baby that was making the impressive engine noise - and the exhaust has completely come away, it's just hanging there :( As this is my first car, i have no real experience of getting parts and stuff. So i could really do with some help - How much should i be expecting to pay for a manifold? Where can i get a decent one without being ripped off? Thanks guys :) x
  3. Hey!

    Hello =] omgoodness, i'm new to this whole forum thingymajiggy, my mate sorted it out for me. I'll get a picture up of my car soon. I want to proper kit it all out!
  4. Hey!

    Hey, I'm Jaz, I'm learning to drive at the moment, got a gorgeous little KA Collection. :D