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  1. Changing the battery 2012 Focus Stop/Start

    Thanks mate. Car currently has a Enhanced Flooded type battery, off the top of my head I cant remember the exact details, but finding another it shouldn't be an issue. I have a copy of the reset procedure as I tried that before when the car started having issues. Thanks buddy. Thats reassuring, I will remove the battery and see how difficult it is, I've swapped the battery on my dads old Focus and I know its a pain as its buried half behind the scuttle. Not too sure about the issues that jump starting can cause, thats a first I've heard of it, but I'll take that into note if I need to again. I do have a smart charger, but I wasn't in a position to use it at the time. :)
  2. Looking for some advice really. My cars battery has started to fail, was evident a few months ago but has now completely given up after the colder nights. I had to get a jump start this morning. I'm mechanically minded, so swapping a battery is no issue for me, but I had read in a few places that because my car has Stop/Start a replacement battery will need coding into the car. Is this true? If not I can just grab a EFB and be done with it with a straight swap. Car is a 2012 Focus Tit X TDCi EcoBoost Thanks guys :)
  3. Happy Birthday lockett85!

  4. Paint Issues... Opinions And Options?

    Indeed you are correct, I had no luck with Ford directly so now I have actually been in contact with my supplying dealer and I am awaiting a reply. I let it stew in my mind a few days and I feel unsatisfied so I will be chasing this up. Thanks again for the help previously :)
  5. Paint Issues... Opinions And Options?

    Is pretty poor excuse. The reference to forced water is mainly if aimed directly into the boot shut lines because that's where the rubber sealant with the issue is. Rain wouldn't really cause it as it would be hard to get the water to directly hit that area I pictured above. Not really trying to make excuses for it as I was bummed after spending 15k on the car but the touch up pen has helped hide it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  6. Paint Issues... Opinions And Options?

    Time to put this thread to rest. Took the car to be inspected and was basically told it was something that would not be covered 1: because it's out of the 1 year paint warranty. 2: it was very likely caused by user error. (Not me) The guy I see was very helpful and explained it can be a common issue and showed me another case of it. So take note those who read this. Do not aim pressure washers or anything thing else with a high force in the shut lines of the boot. The paint is on a flexible sealant and being so does not have a hard surface beneath and can easy flex if force is applied. Coupled with a pressure washer for example the paint will just flake away exposing the sealant. No real fix really other then a respray which then still won't solve the issue. Previous Focus for example used a harder sealant and the issue is very uncommon with them. So in conclusion I was sent on my way with a touch up stick which I just applied and all is well again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  7. Paint Issues... Opinions And Options?

    Thanks both for the replies. I will be contacting them shortly. I will update.. Edit: For Update. Called Ford and they was really helpful and put me though to my more local Ford dealer and I have the car booked to an arranged viewing on Tuesday with a paint technician to examine and discuss what will happen next. Will keep this thread updated.
  8. Hi all. So I picked up a 12 plate Focus Titanium X a few weeks ago and yesterday discovered paint is flaking away from inside the boot (behind where the hinge is on the actual boot) the flaking paint is where they use the flexible sealant on the seam. Hard to explain without a picture but unfortunately I don't have one at the moment. I only noticed yesterday when I was removing the dealer sticker from the rear window. I'm not sure what my options are with this. I've yet to phone my dealer but I shall but wondered if anyone has any advice. The issue with the paint is in an area which is impossible to be damaged so it's not a result of that and I'm concerned it may spread as it's pretty bad. About 2-3 inches across. I'll update with a pic ASAP and look forward to any advice. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2 Edit: Add Pics
  9. Switch On Ford Focus Titanium Whats It For?

    If it has a P on the switch it's for the sensors. If it has an A in a circle it's to disable the stop start feature. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  10. Ford Focus Titanium Audio System Problem

    Your welcome. :)
  11. Ford Focus Titanium Audio System Problem

    Hello and welcome and nice car. I hope I can help. It sounds like to me your turning the radio off when you leave your car so when you come back and start the car the radio is still off. Try this. Start the car and turn the radio on. Now stop the car and then open the drivers door. The radio should now turn off. So when you come back and start the car the radio should then come on with the ignition. At least this is how it works in my car. Hope this helps :)
  12. Mk3 Sony Dab/nav Unit Illumination.

    Appreciate the feedback. Thanks mate.
  13. Hi all, just a quick one. I picked up a Titanium X a few days back and I was out for a drive in it last night, I did notice one thing, and I'm not sure if its normal or not. I noticed that the CD slot does not illuminate (there was no CD in at the time if that makes a difference?) When looking closer I noticed a cut out the shape of a square inside base of the CD slot with what looks like clear looking plastic which looks as if it is supposed to illuminate. Does anyone know whether or not the slot is supposed to light up or not? Thanks :)
  14. Hi thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this is not the issue as all my contacts are saved in their correct fields. First names under First and Last names under Last. Thanks again
  15. I see what your saying. But I can not find any information regarding now the phone should work with my system. That's why I reached out on here to see if anyone else had the same experience or if theirs worked fine. Without that information I can't go to Ford and explain. Searching for anything relating to iPhone and the way contacts are sorted on a pre sync system is like a needle in a haystack unfortunately. I was hoping, seeing as the iPhone is a fairly popular phone that someone or something might crop up. But alas, nothing :(