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  1. Ford Fusion Cuts Out

    Sounds like air leak in engine manafold. .I ad problems with same n changed all filters. .plugs..ecu..throtle body. .sensors an still same so paid ford dealer to do few hrs on checking the wire at 60+vat an hr they came up with air leak..waiting now so fingers crossed
  2. Help Me

    Thanks for that been on phone told them everything that you said..n1...they ad in another day now phoned this morning said technical guy found air leak in engine manafold £180 to fix..better than 1000 lol they said the air leak would cause a fault on dash..fingers crossed its ok after..thanks for advice
  3. Help Me

    Im mortified about the ford dealer garrage..I own ford fussion2 1.6 16v and I got EAC FAIL on my dash.i paid over 200 pounds for ford tech to come my house n he told me needed new ecu..an throtle body. .so put new 1s on was ok for week then problem came back so took to ford garrage an payed 80 for diagnostics. .now I told them everything that had been done n so forth they had my car 2 days only to phone me this morning saying it needs new ECU .an new throtle body. .aaarrrrggghhhh im really sad and mad as I know this is not case...can any1 help
  4. Just Bought One

    Ive bought the 1.6 16v ford fussion2 what is the difference between the fussion 1..fussion2. .and fussion 3??? And I think on motorways the wind doesn't half catch you..but yeah correct they are good on fuel nippy if need be and ive taken parcel shelf out and put dog gaurds up n plenty room for my 2 dogs English staffiture bull terriers no sweat loads room..like the fact all seats in back fold away n sort of turns into little van..kool..with capital K I love my fussion2 and will have a long time
  5. For Fusion 1.4 Petrol

    1st of all get a diagnostics done and reprogramme they will give u the code im having similar with my fussion2 my revs sometimes drop low when coasting then cuts out.it sounds like your ecu has forgotten codes ...did u take battery off by anychance?
  6. 'e A C ' Fail On Dash

    I tap the 4 bolts on the body but sometimes I have to take full throtle body off unplugg then place back on this normally puts the eac fail off the dash for me to start and it drive with proper revs..
  7. 'e A C ' Fail On Dash

    No tapping engine starts fine runs good but say if I pull in petrol station after been running for a while I take key out to fuel up n wen put back in t start up I get EAC FAIL on right hand side clocks. So I have t tap 4 corners on throtle body oh take it off n put back on then its gone everything fine ..
  8. 'e A C ' Fail On Dash

    Im having trouble with my car.its had a new throtle body on 1000 mile ago but now im getting eac fail up on dash . sometimes I can just tap the 4 corners were bolts go on the body n it goes off oh maybe have to take the body off then place back on and this will sort error out.im having to do it more frequently and for the life of me I cant figure it out. Please please help
  9. Revs Sticking

    Just put another £20 and some injector cleaner in and when got in car it came up EAC fail on dash I double checked all plugs then tryed again everything is good now and no fail on dash.please what could it be?
  10. Revs Sticking

    All filters are correct and right way its got me puzzled now if I cant figure out ill take garrage Friday
  11. Revs Sticking

    Which filter?air oh fuel but ill double check all thanks
  12. Revs Sticking

    The air . fuel. Oil all done 2week back
  13. Revs Sticking

    Hi ive had new body on 4week back n done full serv..I.e all filters plugs n oil .at 1st my revs were going up before dropping back down when changing gears now the idle is cutting out when coasting coming to roundabouts ect.ect. it came up ecu fail so took body off cleaned it n everything fine now ive got the problem of cutting out when coasting
  14. Revs Sticking

    Sometimes after little run on motorway oh duel carriage way my revs aren't dropping straight away. They seem to take 2 oh 3 seconds to drop for me to change gear.they stick at around 3000 revs.its fussion2 54reg 1.6 16v. Does anyone know the problem?as its fine on short runs its when and after I go onto straight road at steady speed then it seems to happen after. I do not want my clutch to burn out over this even though its not all time its still frustrating when does . Please please help as if I take to garage it will cost me a lot more then can afford Thanks guys
  15. Imobilzer Stuck On

    After flat battery my imobilzer is stuck on giving the code 15 I live in dl15 area and I need a reprogramme can anyone help please