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  1. Another Over Heatinb Problem.... Baffled

    Thanks Dah, I changed the expansion tank cap with a ford part and i realised that i had been filling it to the absolute top with water ... so above the max level.... wonder if the steam and water loss was due to that? the water level is now within the min max levels after replacing the cap i drove around town and motorways for about 100 miles... the temp guage ranged from middle to right into and passed the red... but it didnt over heat. I also noticed that the water level in the expansion tank has stayed at same point. i have run the car at both fully cold and fully hot on heater gauges and this made no difference. a mechanic said the stat isnt a problem... but as you say, for a few bob and some work... it cant do any harm. Thanks
  2. Another Over Heatinb Problem.... Baffled

    ahh ok i was looking for the expansion gank and thought i didnt have one but its just clicked... it is the tank i fill up the water into isnt it. (feeling thick) Thanks Bruce Ill pick one up tomorrow
  3. Hi I noticed today that where you fill up the break fluid seems to be missing a piece. right now it is like a plunger.... a thing that I can push down but when looking at google images there is missing a yellow cap, or thats what it looks like the breaks work ok so do i even need this missing part and what is it and what is it for? Thanks
  4. Hello I have just bought a 2000 1.5 Fiesta Ghia that has a zetec engine. I have been having intermitant over heating problems and while not a mechanic I can find nothing similar in my searches and had a mechanic look at it today who was left unsure of what the problem may be. Thermostat is working as tbe radiator is getting hot. the hoses to top and botton of radiator are getting hot When the car overheats I ha e found that I have had to put in around a litre and a half of water but at other times the water level is spot on... there are no signs of leaks the heater gagss in the car areall set to cold... but the car gets very hot (open window time) oil is all clean so no water getting into head I can drive all day around town and up motorway and have no problem... then it can overheat again with no notice the temp gauge can go right into the red and then back down to mid way ( a yoyo effect) the radiator fan kicks in most of thd time.... not sure if its supposed to in normal running The car is fine while running at standstill and temp gauge sits easily mid way Im not sure what to look at next so if someone could help that would be great. Thanks