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  1. I bought a brand new 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0 litre EcoBoost a few months ago - and I chose this model as I'm looking for a decent tradeoff between power and petrol consumption. I'm in general very happy with my new car- and when driving sensibly(!) with a mixture of city and highway travel I can average around 45.5mpg which I'm relatively happy with. This rises to around 50mpg when doing long purely motorway journeys. However, I've noticed an odd characteristic involving the "Miles Remaining" function of the trip computer. This seems to work ok when the car is full of fuel, basing the remaining miles on the average MPG and my driving style. However, around 50 miles remaining the dashboard fuel warning light illuminates reminding me to fuel up - so far so good - but after this lights up the remaining miles rapidly drops from 50 to 0 in the space of about 18 miles. Surely this cannot be correct? The remaining miles starts off when I refuel at around 400 miles to 0 (depending on my average MPG) but I can barely get 360 miles out of this before miles to 0 reaches 0. Is this just a "feature" of this model of car and engine? Do other owners of this model experience it and get the same average MPGs or is it something I should get the dealer to look at?