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  1. Cant get into Focus

    Got in using the blade put it in the fob and used it as leverage. No power at all looks like battery, breakdown on the way.
  2. Cant get into Focus

  3. Cant get into Focus

    Following on from my earlier thread about the mobile phone battery icon and mobile signal not showing on the left hand screen. I successfully updated the software last night using a usb stick and the icons were present and locked the car using the fob. Came out to go to work this morning and my car would not open using the fob or the manual key underneath the top cover any ideas? Does the manual key not work if the battery is completely dead etc? 2nd fob is the same.
  4. Focus titanium 2012 mobile phone question

    Came out to go to work this morning and my car would not open using the fob or the manual key underneath the top cover any ideas? Does the manual key not work if the battery is completely dead etc? Has the software update someone cleared the key, will try the spare when I get home.
  5. Focus titanium 2012 mobile phone question

    Updated my software to November 2012 version and now have the icons :)
  6. Focus titanium 2012 mobile phone question

    I've checked now with different phones (Android & Iphone) and the battery icon and signal strength flashes in light grey and then disappears. Is there something that needs changing on the Sony stereo settings? It's a 1.6 125ps Titanmium early 2012
  7. Does a car of this year and model show mobile phone signal strength on the left hand screen? Cant seem to find it and my Wife's horrible orange display does! Driving me mad!
  8. New Focus Titanium - Help

    Do you have to store all the numbers and record their names first? This it where it plays your actual voice backdating the name and then record the number. Or should I should be able to say dial any name in my address book?
  9. New Focus Titanium - Help

    It doesn't work with any as if it hasn't head the 'call.....'
  10. New Focus Titanium - Help

    Just picked up my Focus 2012 125 model Htc M8 Andoid phone paired via Bluetooth. I can receive calls and see the address book etc, however when I use the voice control and say phone it recognises it but when saying call Joe Bloggs it says something like command something and stops. It doesn't matter what name I say it still fails. However selecting from the address book using the buttons works fine
  11. Does it need to go into one of the holes? I'll have another go before setting off for the Lakes later today.
  12. Who can suggest a nice long thin cheap metal thing to get into one of the.holes? My flat head screw driver.is too big and is it essential to get into one of the holes? I wire coat hanger is too bendy.
  13. Same as in these videos? part1 part2 part3:
  14. Should your long thin screwdriver's head be going into one of the holes on the white piece and apply pressure?
  15. Tried this repair on my Focus Cmax 2004 tonight. Ordered 12" long nose pliers and 300mm screw driver even though I might have one some where! Dirt cheap off Amazon and took advantage of my free Prime trial for next day delivery. However, the pliers would not fit through the holes in the grille, I was luck in that I could still just manage to open the boot and removed the rubber stopper. I then close the bonnet and was able to get my screwdriver in above the cable on the white connecter as shown in the pics. However, when applying pressure and turning the key I heard no popping or clicking of it going back together. If i turn the key down to the left I hear no mechanism same as before with lots of messing i can get it to open so far but turning to position 2 does not release the bonnet. I must admit I was doing this on my own and it was getting dark, I'll have one more go tomorrow with my wife turning the key. Anyone done this who lives in Cheshire and keen to assist? Any other recommendations? If this doesn't work what's the next cheapest alternative?