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  1. Synergist

    Obd Connector

    WHAT the hell are you on about? Go read up on copyright law. Unless the author of the software declares it to be released under an open source, GPL or similar licence, it's protected by copyright by default, regardless of what platform it runs on. Android is based on a Linux kernel (the core) but the rest of it is released under a variety of licenses; the fact Android is free for you to use does not confer upon you any kind of ability to pirate software for it. I'm sure Ian Hawkins (the guy who wrote Torque) would agree with me...!
  2. Synergist

    Newbie With A Ecoboost Fiestia

    Good things come to those who wait. ;-) I'd love to drive the EcoBoost, it sounds like a really fun engine. (and hi fellow i9305 owner! You using stock, 4.2.2 or do you have KitKat on it yet?)
  3. Synergist

    Newbie With A Ecoboost Fiestia

    It'll only read messages received whilst the phone is connected, it can't 'see' old ones. Whether it's a Bluetooth or SYNC thing, not sure!