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  1. Was just wondering how long it will be before Ford come out with the next fiesta shape ? If it isn't going to be that long I may delay my ST.
  2. I'll also give this a go. Makes sense with the grain and a towel ;)
  3. Thanks for the advice :) I will give it ago today. I may seem a little cautious, but to late once plastic is scratched up. I will never forget my mum coming in after cleaning her car, all proud that she had got all the bugs and other contaminates of the front of her new company car. It was only later that night when under the lights at the garage she realised a green scouring pad wasn't the best choice! Thanks again
  4. Hi was just wondering what is the best way to clean the plastic in my Fiesta Titanium. The trouble I am having is the grain in the plastic and mud. I can't for the life of me get the mud marks off because of the grain. Don't want to scratch the plastic being to rough. The main areas are the footwell where carpet ends and plastic starts, and bottom of door opening plastics. It looks clean when wiped over until it dries then the mud is back it is driving me nuts :( Any tips much appreciated
  5. 20011 Fiesta Titanium Paint Chips Inside Arch

    Thanks :) I am hoping he will get back to me this week. Can't remember the hole process but he said he would need to etch and repaint wheel arches. And see about putting the plastic chip guards on. I want to get it all done as I was in the process of selling but don't want to pass it on until it is 100% perfect and as good as new, and how I would like it as I think this is oh fair. When it does sell it will be going on a fiesta ST2; haven't told the wife that part yet though ;)
  6. 20011 Fiesta Titanium Paint Chips Inside Arch

    I've been to Ford dealer just waiting now, for Ford to come back and give thumbs up to repair under warranty. The guy I spoke to didn't think it would be a problem and the fact they have now fitted the stone chip protector you have on your fiesta to all the new models, kind of means they know it is a problem. Just hope he gets email back soon with the go ahead
  7. 20011 Fiesta Titanium Paint Chips Inside Arch

    I have emailed local dealer pictures to their bodyshop.The guy I spoke to, has said he has never seen it before. But it does Need attention. Going over tomorrow so he can take pictures, and raise a warranty claim with ford. So my fingers are crossed that they will deal with it. He did say that Ford may say it is underneath the car and not covered !
  8. Was cleaning my car the other day, and have just noticed chips on the inside rear wheel arches. The chips are on both sides; on the little return at the bottom. (See attached picture) Having a look at Ford dealer yesterday I notice now the 2014 fiestas are now fitted with black plastic plate over this area. ??? So is this a known problem/fault others have had, Or is it just mine, and would this come under warranty for ford to repair ? I am really worried about corrosion in this area. Greatly appreciate any help Adam