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  1. Looking for someone to do some work on my car someone (mechanic) with ramps as soon as. Thank you
  2. Hey I am getting so frustrated with my 54 streetka it keeps juddering like I'm in the wrong gear but I'm not mostly at low revs it miss fires aswell I've had a new coil pack leads and plugs it made it better no 100% but now it's getting worse again anyone experienced this?x
  3. Just if anyone had this or has this it was my thermostat leaking just replaced it and good as new :)
  4. More out today :/ smells like cat urine (only way I can describe it) I need my car could this be my thermostat?
  5. Ok silly moment it doesn't seem to be oil on the ground I do have a slight oil leak which is what I found under the car a jumped to that conclusion but it's a watery slimmyness with a fowl smell it looks as if it's leaking from a few places but I'm guessing it's leaking on something to then leak from underneath from a few places, unfortunately I didn't make it to a garage on time, I've checked my oil that fine I checked water was low but topped up very little seems to be staying at that level it's not leaking that much now I'm home whether it could be what ever it leaking has now ran out does anyone know that I should keep an eye out for? Gear box? How can I check the gear box fluid? I smelt the power steering fluid and thought it smelt like that but my power steering it full! Something every week with this blumming car!
  6. This is it today is it ok to drive I don't wanna cause more damage but I need to get it to a garage does anyone no if this will be expensive?
  7. My clutch was done in December where would the brake clutch fluid levels be found?
  8. So not noticed this before not been an issue but I parked my car for a couple of hours today come back and there a puddle over the car park coming from under my car! I look under the car and see wet so I investigate to find a think black liquid so guessing it's oil (I'm obviously a woman so could be wrong) but should I be worried at the amount that has leaked? No flashy lights to tell me danger typical streetka does anyone know what could cause this? thanks I have attached photos there not that great though!
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    Steering Issues

    Hey I can't seem to write this post anywhere else but here so I am hoping someone can help, I have a 54 plate StreetKa - when I am driving at a fast speed 60-70mph my car pulls to the right does anyone know why this could be? I have had the tracking done about 5 months ago could it be this again? It's not that noticeable going slower doesn't really pull to the right at all & I am thinking if it was the tracking it would pull to the right all the time? No?
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    Fingers crossed stef123!
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    **fine to drive
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    Yeah Streetka 54 plate, can't believe it has to happen today of all days it's not a new clutch, when I change gear the pedal sticks a little which makes the car rev a little then it releases fine the car is on to drive gears are fine to change just I don't want to drive a 4 hours journey with it. X
  13. My clutch is sticking to the floor and slowly does release itselfs does anyone know what this is? I have a very long drive tomorrow to a funeral so I need my car!!
  14. Don't think the other photo uploaded but this plastic bit that's missing was in bit's in the tube!! Sent from my SM-N9005 using Ford OC mobile app