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  1. Air Fresheners

    I have a nasty whiff in my car and i cant locate it :(
  2. New Fordster

    waves :)
  3. A Quick Hello

    waves :D enjoy.
  4. New Beginnings

    Oh dont worry i will lol, i am already saving up for a new one.
  5. New To The Forum, Just Saying Hello.

    Hi Karl, I am new too it is nice to have a choice in the car you buy, unfortunately my husband bought one on ebay without telling me, so enjoy carefully choosing your one post picys when you have got it :)
  6. 3 Door Or 5 Door Which Is Best?

    Exactly, I am not saying it doesn't look nice but the doors are much more heaver in the 3 door but they open wider but like you said if you are in a car park not so good.
  7. little fiesta

    my fiesta
  8. Anyone Up For A Meet In The South East? Kent!?

    I do not know any fiesta/ford owners here yet but when i do i will suggest a meet up and send them here, im sure it will happen Ashley.
  9. Hi all, please help me out here and help me settle this debate i am having with my husband, which is best 3 door or 5 door? Husband new I wanted a 5 door, and in my opinion is more practical especially with using it for work and children. He bought using my money I may add a 3 door, what do you think is best? pam
  10. Anyone Up For A Meet In The South East? Kent!?

    hello ashley i live in ashford, i didnt know people met at bybrook barn but i have only been living here a year so far.
  11. New Beginnings

    thank you for pointing that out, you know us lady's arnt good at following signs lol
  12. New Beginnings

    thanks all, are there any meet ups in kent do anyone know?
  13. Rapid Decrease In Fuel When Around 50 Miles Remain

    This is a very interesting conversation, i have just got my fiesta on saturday and dont know when the warning light comes on for fuel it came on today on the motorway and just hoped i could get back home, it does seem to come up at a odd time though.
  14. New Beginnings

    Hi all, stumbled upon this forum whilst looking for new gadgets for my fiesta that I got last saturday, I was trying to put off getting another car as long as possible as the prices seem still high and partly because I didn't want to get rid of my beloved first car that I had from new and was coming up 12 years old but she was falling apart, but the fiesta I have now was lobbed my way when my husband decided to go on ebay, yes I know you take your chances and I would of if I had known persuaded him to look else where but it was too late by the time I found out about the car the auction had ended text had been sent but I had not received it until after the auction, rang him, *hi hunny erm I have bid on the car and we won it* , a few words where exchanged **** *** not quite how I wanted to by a car and not even to have a say in it at all, but there you go, any way she seems ok so far and a lot better to drive than I thought and she looks quite nice too. little micra x