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  1. That's good sorry I never even saw ur first post asking for pics. I'm splitting my car now anyway so lights as well could be a treat for someone haha
  2. Dunoo where to find it didn't look my be a thread somewhere but I just did it. My lights are not xenon headlights Just normal projectors. But theses projector headlight auto adjust. So as cars without all the wiring for auto adjust simply have to clip 2 wires and reconnect to the motors for them to work. Hard to explain. If I ever get the chance to remove them I'll take some picture.
  3. Took my headlights out tonight rewired them wasn't that bad went really good. Projector headlights have auto adapt feature for the motors. Which unfortunately my car dosnt have the wiring for. So after some snipping and clamping there bow manual motors that just go up and down. :) Which I'm happy with as I like to be in control not just have set at one level. I need to still get them in to my garage and get them leveled proper though I think. Up and down below in pics
  4. Bobbydee sent me a picture of my swapped headlights in his car look very nice. Glad they arrived safe. Look a lot better I think on a darker coloured car
  5. So I bought some black projector headlights for it and personal opinion even though Its not a bad look I decided I preferred clear. So iv done a swap with bobbydee his are here now and have been swapped over with all new bulbs fitted. looks spot on in my eyes. Picture to follow in day light of clears fitted. And bobbydee will have his black projectors in the week. Which I hope he will be happy with :D
  6. 2.0tdci engine i wont call it an issue just asking anyone els if they have same going on, just very loud rev sounds basically like theres no air filter on it -_- (there is) its standard. tested the engine at jaguar for any leaks by a machine they used, pumped some sort of smoke in to engine block, and there was no smoke leaking out anywhere, that was just a test they did cause was having my mot done and they said didnt sound right, took it to ford they said it sounds normal, didnt look at it just reved it abit. they said its a diesel there loud, my step mums kuga has 2.0tdci in it maped different but same engine. and hers isnt as loud but similar, i dont have another 2.0tdci focus to compare with so anyones info would be greatfull. ---- to sum my question up. should it sound like its not got a air filter on. :) thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for advise guys. Yeah sounds good that I'll check that out cheers stoney
  8. D DVD Players Radio USB interface modification Panel For Ford Focus 05-08 now its says on the add This item is 100% brand new.(NOT FIT SONY 6000CD) now mine is sony, but not 6000cd... i messaged the seller in china i assume as thats where it would come from, i said will this fit a the non 6000cd sony cd player. and repeated, just the normal sony cd player, i got a reply thank you sir ect then no this will not fit sony 6000cd.... -_- maybe my description wasnt that good of what i was meaning?... -------- anyway im just wondering if anyone els could shed bit of light on that for me, iv included picture in case you dont know what i mean by usb Interface Modification. edit-photo may or may have not worked and now wont let me add it!!!! link incase,... or if not basically insets next to the front and rear window heater buttons and plugs in to rear of cd player to allow usb to plug in... also if you do have it does it work proper thats a questions im interested in knowing also? :) thanks in advance
  9. as far as im aware bud all focus mk2 come with a spoiler. basically all pre face have the grey spoiler lip, that sits within the rear lights, then you get the same spoiler colour coded, then facelift colour coded but now hangs over the rear lights, then st and rs, so all focus tech have a spoiler, id rather state there more a tailgate lip though lol, iv had my grey lip replaced to st spoiler, the pipe is longer but only a tad, just cause st spoiler is abit longer then the grey plastic ones, i say as far as im aware lol... i cant state for fact, iv never come across a focus mk2 without at least the grey plastic spoiler, i can imagine it looking really strange without one, think above made it all clear, just thought id give you my advise also :)
  10. iv had my car now for over 2 years, iv only just noticed this so then answer would be great my cruise control buttons on the steering wheel don't light up i cant even remember them ever lit up so i am now confused if there meant to or not??? i can only imagine yes they are, there not an add on iv done, standard on my model. if my first car i had corsa 52 plate buttons lit up id assume theses would to ha..... tell me i am wrong if i am? both side the on and off on and reset on left, and on right + and - all do not light up. if they are suppose to what could of gone wrong everything els lights up, apart from ignition barrel and 12v socket, which i assume are not standard and have to be added on.. but hey maybe they are there and dont work lol i dont klnow anymore, hate noticing things ha... any answers welcome and appreciated
  11. Hey bud looks decent. Nah I never got round to doing it. Time dosn't seem to be on my side. I did do summit quick just to make them light up but that's bout it. They dosn't do anything and it's a shame really ha. But I have always been interested in what u have done. My mate done similar on rs mk1. It is worth a do I like the light up gear knob also buddy.
  12. If someone's got a sec. I'm torn between cc or sea grey. I can imagine sea grey wouldn't look to for from what they are now. But I can't picture them being same colour as car and I'm really interested to no so I can make my mind up. So turn my rear fog surround the same colour please. Thanks to anyone who board in advance :)
  13. I havnt done bugger all for abit. What's new which prob can't tell. Took 60-40 lowering springs off aftermarket ones. Put on 25-20 eibach springs on. Changed my diesel bouncy shocks for st petrol shocks. Less bouncy more firm. Egr blacking plate. But I'm going to remove it I honestly can't tell difference maybe it's just me all.i know is I'm getting annoyed having to keep del fault code with my phone ap removing engine warning. Got myself a tuning box. Drake monza. Apparently it's will make my 136bhp tdci in to a 194 bhp if I put it on highest setting ha. Only problem is tries it engine didn't like it. 3rd gear 4k revs went in to safety mode ha. So had a tone it down abit. Again I used the word apparently as that's was they advertise. I dout it. To big a difference. But I'm defo getting extra power. Gain speed alot quicker set of from lights a hell of a lot quicker then it did. 80 pound on there site. Won mine on ebay 15 pound ;) That's it not much I'm thinking about colour coding fog surrounds. 50/50 Either that or sea grey to match alloys. Any thoughts?